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Farm Bureau members encouraged to share opinions on the use of the Antiquities Act


Farm Bureau members encouraged to share opinions on the use of the Antiquities Act for declaration of National Monuments with the Secretary of the Interior

Stop federal water extortion, Farm Bureau says


Land managers in the West increasingly demand that ranchers who work federal land surrender their water rights to the government or get off the range

Farm Bureau Applauds EPA’s Water Rule Outreach


AFBF President Zippy Duvall praised the Environmental Protection Agency’s decision to collaborate closely with governors regarding revision of the Waters of the United States rule.

EPA Asks States for Input on New WOTUS Rule


The Environmental Protection Agency is asking states to share with the agency what they think a new rule should look like

New Bill Would Help Get More Vets Practicing in Shortage Areas


A recently introduced bill to increase grants that encourage veterinarians to practice in veterinary shortage areas has the support of AFBF.

Record-High Cheese Stocks Weigh on Milk Prices, But Should They?


For American-style cheese and butter, these March inventory levels are the highest levels since 1984 and 1993, respectively.

The Future of Farming Machinery


Eligible Farm Bureau members in participating states can print a certificate for up to $2,500 off select Cat machines

WOTUS Withdrawal Notice sent to OMB


Farm Bureau supports the EPA’s effort to withdraw the 2015 rule and replace it with one that conforms to the limits approved by Congress and affirmed by the Supreme Court.

Farm Income Could See Slight Increase in 2017


Farm income could see a slight increase this year, compared to 2016.

It’s Time to Bury the Death Tax…Permanently!


Farm Bureau believes that the estate taxes should be permanently eliminated. It’s time to bury the death tax for good.

Americans Say Agriculture is Sustainable, Favor Incentives Over Regs


Sustainability: From the notion of a modern farm or ranch being economically able to sustain a family, to the idea of working with the land in a manner that supports food and fiber production for future generations, the word means different things to different people.

Cover Crop Survey Seeks Farmer Participation


Farmers who plant cover crops, used to plant cover crops, or have never tried cover crops are all encouraged to take a short survey

Regulatory Reform Underway at EPA


The Environmental Protection Agency recently submitted a Federal Register notice to solicit public comments on agency regulations.

Farm Bureau Selects New Partners in Advocacy Leadership Class


An outstanding group of young farm and ranch leaders have been selected by AFBF as the organization’s ninth Partners in Advocacy Leadership class.

Farmers and Ranchers Need a Simple, Fair Tax Code


Congress can’t change the weather, but it can do a lot to improve the climate for running a farm or ranch. Farmers and ranchers grow food, fuel and fiber in a world of uncertainty. We need a tax code that recognizes the unique financial challenges we face, and we need flexibility to run and expand our businesses.

Southern Women's Retreat


Come join women from around the state for a rejuvenating and inspiring retreat in St. George hosted by the Women's Committee.

 Leopold Conservation Award® Program Seeks Utah Nominees


Sand County Foundation, Utah Farm Bureau Federation, Western AgCredit and the Utah Cattlemen’s Association, are accepting applications for the 2017 Leopold Conservation Award, which honors Utah farmers and ranchers who demonstrate exemplary stewardship and management of natural resources.

Northern Women's Retreat


Come join women from around the state for a rejuvenating and inspiring retreat in Provo hosted by the Women's Committee.

Waste Wool Works Wonders


A Utah sheep ranchers looks to boost revenue for sheep ranchers everywhere, as well as innovate a new product with a previously discarded resource

Need some BOUNCE in your step? Try the cherry with MORE


While the harvest of tart cherries is still months away, this fruit with a pucker factor can be enjoyed year-round and increasing research shows the health benefits are perfect for recovering athletes – no matter if you’re a chiseled endurance athlete or simply a weekend warrior that looks forward to putting the next sticker on your vehicles bumper.

How Will We Sustainably Feed 9 Billion People by the Year 2050?


Journey 2050, a new game offered by the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture, aims to address this question by allowing students to experience agriculture in a whole new way.

Bloomberg: White House Tries to Calm Agriculture Concerns About Trade Policy


A Bloomberg BNA article about the Trump administration’s work on trade policy mentions AFBF’s opposition to U.S. withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Pasture to Plate: How beef is raised


As ranchers, we understand the privilege it is to grow food for others to eat. There are many different opinions on how food should be raised. Here are some of the things we’ve been asked about in raising beef.

EPA Chief: Agency Will be States’ Partner in Addressing Environmental Issues


In an exclusive interview with AFBF, Pruitt said the WOTUS repeal is ushering in a new era at EPA, one in which states have primacy and private property owners have certainty.

Interactive Map Shows Impact of Immigration


A new map created by AFBF’s partner the New American Economy shows the contributions immigrants are making to the U.S. economy.

Farmers, Ranchers Ask Congress to Strengthen Safety Net


Farm Bureau and 11 other farm and ranch groups recently asked congressional budget and appropriations committees to increase funding for farm programs in the 2018 farm bill.

Farm Bureau Launches Market Intel Reports


The American Farm Bureau Federation announces the launch of Market Intel, a new series of market intelligence reports

Where Does Soup Come From?


While we can go pick up a can of soup from our local grocery store, that’s not where it started!

Fast Take! The Dirty Dozen: Wash, Rinse, Eat and Repeat


helpful insights to consider using when responding to blog posts and articles about the Environmental Working Group’s latest annual “Dirty Dozen” list of fruits and vegetables it claims have the “highest pesticide loads

General Mills: Farmers are Crucial Partners for Us


Farm Bureau was recently featured in a General Mills’ blog post

Farm Bureau Urges Senate to Confirm Sonny Perdue as Agriculture Secretary This Week


Farm Bureau and National Grain and Feed Association today joined in calling on the U.S. Senate to confirm Sonny Perdue as USDA secretary this week

Rural Infrastructure Key to Driving U.S. Economy


Rural America is hopeful that President Trump’s promised infrastructure improvements begin with the rural roads that helped carry him to the White House.

How and Where to Help with Wildfire Relief


Here is how to help folks in Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas who have lost livestock, equipment, homes and lives in this spring’s huge round of wildfires

Take the Health Insurance in Agriculture Survey


Farmers and ranchers are invited to complete a survey about their experiences with health insurance and how it relates to their family’s health and the farm business.

Virtual Reality Video Connects Consumers to Farming


A new virtual reality video shows consumers what it’s like working on a farm.

Farm Bureau Applauds Law to Restore Local Control of Federal Lands


We are pleased that Congress passed and President Trump signed a law to overturn the flawed ‘Planning 2.0’ rule issued by the Bureau of Land Management.

CNN Money Quotes AFBF’s Boswell on Need for Legal and Stable Workforce


A CNN Money article on a merit-based immigration system under the Trump administration quoted AFBF’s Kristi Boswell.

Judge Approves Settlement to Protect Farmers’ Privacy


The American Farm Bureau and the National Pork Producers Council have closed the final chapter of their lawsuit challenging the Environmental Protection Agency’s release of farmer and rancher personal information

Local food microgrant program accepting applications


Urban Food Connections of Utah is pleased to offer a limited number of micro-grant opportunities for commercial farming establishments dedicated primarily to the production of fruits and vegetables using ecologically sustainable agricultural methods.

National Public Radio: Farmers Fight Environmental Regulations


AFBF’s Don Parrish explained American agriculture’s fight against environmental regulations.

Women in Ag: Adventure and Opportunity


In “Women in Ag: Adventure and Opportunity,” this week’s Focus on Ag column, Katie Heger wrote, “Even though men are most often pictured as the faces of farming, women are actually the fastest-growing group in agriculture. We play a vital role on our family farms, and are active in the food and agriculture conversation.”

Farmers and Ranchers Ready for Action in 2017


Farmers breathed a collective sigh of relief with President Trump’s executive order to withdraw the WOTUS rule, but we know the work is far from over on these and other issues facing America’s farmland

Farm Bureau Member Discusses ACA with President Donald Trump


Brittany Ivey, a Georgia Farm Bureau member who chairs the Stephens County Young Farmers & Ranchers Committee, was invited to participate in a discussion on the impact of the Affordable Care Act at the White House last week.

Finding Answers about Food


Informative websites that answer questions about how your food is grown.

Host a Farm Tour


Ideas on how to host a farm tour

How to get the most out of your Farm Bureau membership


Here are a few tips on how to get the best “bang for your buck” when it comes to your Farm Bureau membership

Consumer Engagement Strategic Goals


Connecting with consumers



Joel & Becca Ferry represent District 3 on the state Ag Promotions Committee.



Ag Promotion Committee Coordinator



The Osguthorpes represent District 4 on the state Ag Promotions Committee



Ag Promotion Committee--District 1



PIRCs lead to stronger Farm Bureau policy.

Governor’s office expands to assist in public lands issues


Legal Counsel for the Public Lands Policy Coordinating Office or PLPCO was created through the legislature to give the PLPCO office greater access to public lands counties.

Farmers, Ranchers Ask Congress to Strengthen Safety Net


The American Farm Bureau Federation and 11 other farm and ranch groups today asked congressional budget and appropriations committees to increase funding for farm programs in the 2018 farm bill.

Merger of Secure Ag Data Repositories a Game Changer


Two pioneers in agricultural big data have merged their technology repositories.

Washington State Professor Finds Sky-high Opportunities for Drones in Agriculture


Many farmers and ranchers are already benefitting from drone technology

Play It Safe with Grainger’s Personal Protection Equipment


Prioritize health and safety on the farm or ranch with personal protection equipment from Grainger.

What Pruitt Hopes to Achieve as Head of EPA


Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt told AFBF last week that he wants to ensure the EPA follows statutes set by Congress.

Farm Bureau Encourages House to Pass Regulatory Transparency Bill


Farm Bureau is calling on the House to approve legislation that would ensure both the public and Congress have increased access to federal agency communications beyond those published in the Federal Register.

LA Times: Water Rule Rollback Gives Growers What They Wanted from Trump


An LA Times article explores what farmers think of President Donald Trump’s executive order to “scale back the agency’s interpretation of the Clean Water Act.”

Farm Groups Ask Trump Administration for Transportation Infrastructure Updates


More than 200 farm groups sent a letter to President Donald Trump last week, asking for projects in rural America to be included in any future infrastructure improvement plans.

Bloomberg: Trump Deportation Policy to Echo in Real Time as Farm Wages Rise


A Bloomberg article explores how “across America’s orchards and crop fields, a shrinking supply of migrants has already driven pay up faster than in the broader workforce.

Farm Bureau Welcomes Zinke Confirmation


Ryan Zinke’s confirmation as secretary of the Interior Department earlier last week was welcomed by Farm Bureau

Farm Bureau Praises Trump’s WOTUS Action


President Donald Trump’s executive order to ditch the Waters of the U.S. rule is a welcome relief to farmers and ranchers across the country.

From Trade to Regulations, AFBF President Urges Farmers and Ranchers to Engage on Full Range of Issues


AFBF’s public policy agenda shares much in common with the Trump administration on issues like regulatory reform and tax reform.

4 Types of Millennials Shape the Future of Agriculture Advocacy


Looked down on by some and praised by others, millennials are now the largest generation, according to the Pew Research Center.

Farm Bureau Joins Groups in Support of Farm Bill Funding


Reduced spending under the 2014 farm bill contributed greatly to the nation’s deficit reduction effort. However, additional cuts to the 2018 farm bill would present perils on many fronts, a diverse coalition today told congressional appropriations and budget leaders.

Farm Regulatory Certainty Act Critical for Farmers


The Farm Regulatory Certainty Act, legislation to be considered by the House, would provide clarity to farmers regarding the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.

 Washington Post: AFBF Supports Postponement of Endangered Species Listing


Yates, a director of congressional relations, discussed the postponement of the rusty patched bumblebee endangered species listing, saying AFBF is “pleased that the administration is taking a second look.”

Agence France Presse: Farmers and Ranchers Hopeful About New Administration’s Deregulation


Farm Bureau's Paul Schlegel was quoted in a recent article by Agence France Presse on how government regulations impact agriculture.

6 Tips for Getting More from Your Data


You’re gathering the data. But are you gleaning all its insights? Put your precision farming data to work and increase efficiency on your farm or ranch by following 6 tips from Case IH.

House Committee to Consider Regulatory Integrity Act of 2017


Legislation would require greater transparency in federal agency communications about pending regulatory actions

SUU student makes Final Four at National YF&R collegiate discussion meet


SUU student makes Final Four at National YF&R collegiate discussion meet

Farm Bureau Hails Pruitt Confirmation


The Senate confirmed Scott Pruitt as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.

House Passes Resolution to Halt BLM Planning Rule


The House recently approved a Farm Bureau-supported resolution (H.J. Res. 44) to stop an Obama administration rule that would weaken the influence of local and regional officials on Bureau of Land Management decisions.

The Buzz on Endangered Species Act Reform


While the FWS claims the listing will help protect the bee species, what does the first-ever addition of a bee species in the continental U.S. to the endangered species list mean?

Farm Bureau-Supported Farm Regulatory Certainty Act Introduced


The recently introducedFarm Regulatory Certainty Act, H.R. 848, would provide clarity to the law and to assure that agricultural nutrients are not subject to RCRA’s provisions.

Final Horse Protection Act Regulations Announced, But Not Official


The Agriculture Department’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service announced a final rule last month that would amend regulations under the Horse Protection Act.

Let's Get Poppin'


An activity all about corn.

Ideas for County Ag Promotion Events


Consumer Engagement Resource Guide

Could the New Arctic Apple Positively Change the Public’s Perception of GMOs?


Iowa farmer Michelle Miller explores whether the new, non-browning Arctic Apple and if it could change the public’s perception of GMOs.

3 Things Immigration Reform Is Not


Immigration is the story of America. It’s the story of my family, and I’d wager it’s the story of yours. But when we lose sight of this, it’s easy to muddy the waters of an already complex issue, forget what it’s actually about, and focus instead on what it isn’t.

Video Highlights Importance of Agriculture, Engagement for AFBF President Duvall


Farmers and ranchers are united in the fact that, like Duvall, agriculture for them is a passion and a life calling.

What do Farmers and Ranchers do During Winter?


“What do Farmers and Ranchers do During Winter?” is a new American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture blog post by Sara Bray, a Colorado rancher.

Utah Farm Bureau Lists ‘Issues to Watch For in 2017’


List includes priority areas for 2017 Utah legislative session

Dairy farmers encouraged to take the survey on dairy risk management tools


The American Farm Bureau Federation has created a short online survey to assess farmer use of dairy risk management tools and interest in the development of a new dairy insurance product.

Immigration Executive Orders Could Affect Agriculture


Farm Bureau is evaluating how two executive orders signed last week by President Donald Trump on border security and illegal immigration enforcement might affect farmer’s access to workers.

Estate Tax Repeal Bills Would Help Family Farmers


A pair of estate tax repeal bills introduced in Congress would help farm and ranch families overcome the challenges of passing their family businesses to the next generation

New Bill Would Help Rein in Health Insurance Costs


A recently introduced bill to help lower health insurance costs for small business owners has the backing of farmers and ranchers.

Administration must do all possible to grow new markets for agriculture, AFBF’s Duvall says


With President Donald Trump’s executive action to withdraw the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, "it is critical that the new administration begin work immediately to do all it can to develop new markets for U.S. agricultural goods and to protect and advance U.S. agricultural interests in the critical Asia-Pacific region.”

New Administration Must Begin Work Immediately to Develop New Markets for U.S. Ag Goods


The new administration must begin work immediately to develop new markets for U.S. agricultural goods and to protect and advance U.S. farmers’ and ranchers’ interests in the critical Asia-Pacific region.

Farm Bureau Strongly Endorses Perdue for USDA


The nomination of former Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue for Secretary of Agriculture is welcome news to the nation’s farmers and ranchers

Grocery shopping trends will have big impacts on agriculture


Grocery shopping is changing dramatically, to meet the needs of consumers whose demographics, lifestyles, desires and consumption trends are radically different than those of the 20th century “golden age” of supermarkets.

Farmers and Ranchers Unite on Regulatory Reform


Farmers and ranchers are ready for a common-sense, bipartisan approach when it comes to federal regulations and rulemaking

National Monument decisions require greater oversight


Farm Bureau has spearheaded a coalition with vital interests in protecting the multiple uses of the nation’s public lands, urging President Trump improve accountability and transparency in the designation of national monuments.

Farm Bureau President to Congress: Slash Regulations, Reform Immigration/Ag Labor


American Farm Bureau members recently asked Congress to pass sweeping reform of regulations that burden the lives of farmers and ranchers.

Foundation for Agriculture Announces 10th ‘Book of the Year’


The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture presented its 10th “Book of the Year” award to Eugenie Doyle for “Sleep Tight Farm.”

EPA’s Worker Protection Rule Takes Effect, Despite Petition by AFBF, NASDA


The Environmental Protection Agency has moved ahead with the Jan. 1 start date of its worker protection safety rule, despite a request for a delay from AFBF and the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture.

USDA Notes Surprises in Recent Hogs and Pigs Report


Despite pork prices that have been falling for a while, the fall pig crop was the highest on record and the number of pigs-per-litter was also at an all-time high, according to the Agriculture Department’s latest Hogs and Pigs Report.

Ohio Farmer Combats Animal Care Misconceptions Through Dairy Tours


Frustrated with the misconceptions that plague the public’s perception of farming and ranching, fourth-generation Ohio farmer Brenda Hastings opened her family farm to tours.