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The perfect time to go to a Farmers Market


Now is a great time to visit farmers markets throughout Utah, with many fruits and vegetables at their peak for freshness and flavor

Three New Books, Two New Videos, One Important Topic: Careers in Ag


The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture has released three new books and two new videos to complement its updated My American Farm game

New Analysis Highlights Dire Need for HIT Relief Extension


Unless Congress further delays the Health Insurance Tax, more than 142 million Americans will face a $20.3 billion tax hike on Jan. 1, 2020

BERRY Surprising Facts


While we often refer to strawberries, raspberries and blackberries as berries, they are actually aggregate fruits.

Member Benefit Monday: Grainger - The Best Member Prices are Within Your Reach


Visit to see the power of your Farm Bureau discount

The Dairy Case Is More Competitive Than Ever


Per capita consumption of fluid milk was a record-low 18 gallons per person in 2016

Utah Farm Bureau helping to ‘cultivate the seeds of safety’ during National Farm Safety Week


The third week of September has been recognized as National Farm Safety & Health Week

According to plan....or not


You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them

Eliminate food waste and save money


While no one should eat unsafe food, consider these strategies to minimize food waste

Trade Aid Round One: A State Perspective


The agricultural community has been eager to learn exactly how USDA would authorize up to $12 billion in trade aid

Agriculture burning exemptions remain in force


There is often confusion over what exemptions apply for agriculture burns

Action on Ag Labor Bill Possible This Fall


The legislative clock will be counting quickly down to the scheduled mid-October break ahead of the elections in November

Utah Beef Council seeks at-large applicants for new board positions


The Utah Beef Council is seeking applicants for three at-large council members

Farmers Need Trade, Not Tariffs


Farmers and ranchers need open markets to increase demand and prices for farm products

Defending Our Right to Farm


Our social license to our livelihoods – our right to farm – is being commandeered by the children and grandchildren of those who chose to leave farms to work in air-conditioned offices

Western Farmers, Ranchers Urge Administration Toward Better Land Management Policies


Farmers and ranchers in 13 Western states are calling on the federal government to put in place more effective land management practices and policies

AFBF: Trade Relief Helps, But Export Markets are the Solution


While the package is welcome relief from the battering farmers and ranchers are taking in the ongoing trade war, the real solution is more export markets for U.S. agricultural goods

American Farm Bureau: Trade Progress with Mexico is a Good Start


No trade deal is perfect, however, there is room for improvement, especially in provisions that affect U.S. fruit and vegetable growers



Like the trail boss sitting on his horse and scouting out the future for his cattle, we too in Farm Bureau as part of the food industry can have a terrific view and role in filling each and every plate at every meal.

State Fair Coupon


State Fair Coupon

Farm Bureau Ag Innovation Challenge offers $145K in startup funds for entrepreneurs


The American Farm Bureau Federation, in partnership with Farm Credit, recently opened online applications for its 2019 Farm Bureau Ag Innovation Challenge. Entrepreneurs will compete for $145,000 in startup funds.

Durum Wheat Tariff Profile


With the retaliatory tariffs in place right now, the U.S. is charged 26 percent for wheat imports that are in quota, and 90 percent for wheat imports that are out of quota

U.S. Tariffs in the Global Landscape


The United States has an estimated $59,500 gross domestic product per capita and an average most favored nation tariff rate of 5.2 percent for agricultural products

Member Benefit Monday: Make Yard Work Easier With A New Zero Turn from John Deere


Cut down your grass and the time you spend on your yard with John Deere

National Read a Book Day is Sept. 6


National Read a Book Day is Sept. 6

RFD-TV Segment Features AFBF’s Parrish on Stopping the Illegal 2015 WOTUS Rule


Farm Bureau is concerned because 26 states are “now in the dark as to how WOTUS rule will be implemented”

Comment Now on Dairy Imitation Labeling


Federal regulators are asking the public for strategies to change how non-dairy imitation products are labeled.

Reimagining Career Day


Imagine trying to connect science, technology, engineering and mathematics as it relates to modern agriculture

‘Meet the Farmer’ Attracts Visitors in Chicago Museum


Visitors to the popular Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago recently had the opportunity to meet real farmers

Land Values and Cash Rents are Higher in 2018


The release of the Agriculture Department’s Land Value Survey earlier this month held relatively few surprises at the headline level.

Updated Agriculture & the Environment Middle School Lessons Available


The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture recently introduced updated Agriculture & the Environment middle school lessons.

National 4-H Launches ‘Inspire Kids to Do’ Campaign with Twitter Party


To kick off #30DaysofDoing be sure to join the hour-long Twitter party on Tuesday, Aug. 28, starting at 9 p.m. Eastern.

Save the Date: Aug. 29 Facebook Live Webinar – Managing Risk in Uncertain Times


AFBF is hosting a Facebook Live webinar on Aug. 29 to help farmers and ranchers learn about available marketing options for managing price risk

Millions of Corn and Soybean Acres in Poor-to-Very-Poor Condition


The Agriculture Department’s Aug. 13 Crop Progress report revealed that 70 percent of the U.S. corn crop is in good-to-excellent condition

Applications Open for 2019 Nuffield International Farming Scholarships


The program provides $30,000 in scholarship funds to study agriculture with more than 10 scholarships

Competition Sparks Rural Innovation


Innovative food and agriculture entrepreneurs compete for $145,000 in startup funds.

Fire Up the Grill!


Nothing screams the good times of summer more than a flame-grilled hamburger.

Get Out Your Ice Cream Scoops


Utah is known for its beautiful mountains and the fact that we consume mountains of ice cream. Any day is a good day for ice cream in Utah!

Not #CleanWaterClearRules


A nationwide injunction was issued on an Environmental Protection Agency rule that delayed the implementation of the 2015 Waters of the United States rule

A Game of Tariff Ping Pong


The continuing trade war between the U.S. and China is like a game of ping pong

New State Authority Over Local Waters a Boon to Farmers and Ranchers


States can assume authority to issue permits for earth moving in and around regulated waterways, wetlands and land that sometimes channels water

Farm Bill Will Help Farmers and Ranchers Weather the Economic Storm


Through the farm bill, lawmakers can provide the certainty of farm programs that offer price and revenue protection

Farm Bureau Ag Innovation Challenge Offers $145K in Startup Funds for Entrepreneurs


Farm Bureau, in partnership with Farm Credit, has opened online applications for its 2019 Farm Bureau Ag Innovation Challenge.

Farm Sector Bankruptcy Rates Decline


Farm Sector Bankruptcy Rates Decline

Farm Bureau and Farmers Union Call for Swift Farm Bill Passage


The two largest farming groups in the United States today called for swift passage of the farm bill by a congressional conference committee.

Bread Crumbs


Bread Crumbs from day-old bread to limit food waste

Use It Up Flapjacks


Flapjack recipe

The ARC-Cake is Mostly Baked


Price declines have farmers searching for which farm bill tools can help mitigate the impacts of trade tensions on their financial bottom line.

Tariff Motivation 101: Reviewing the U.S. Trade Deficit


The existence of a trade deficit is not evidence of bad trade agreements, unfair trade practices or a lack of American competitiveness.

Gilmour’s On/Off Flow Control Sprinkler – This Summer’s Must-Have Tool


Stop getting impromptu showers with Gilmour’s new on/off flow control sprinkler

House Passes Precision Ag Bill


The House recently approved a Farm Bureau-supported measure that will help close rural America’s digital divide.

Farm Bureau Recognizes Communications Boot Camp Graduates


The American Farm Bureau recognized 15 farm and ranch women leaders -- including southern Utah's Sherrie Lou (Staheli) Tate -- as graduates of the organization’s 12th annual Women’s Communications Boot Camp.

House Approves Two-Year HIT Delay


HIT has increased health insurance costs by imposing a levy on the net premiums of health insurance companies, which is passed on to consumers.

A Tale of Two Commodities: Soybeans and Steel


But for every action, science tells us there is a reaction.

Christian Science Monitor on ESA Shakeups: Does Protecting Species Have to be a Zero-Sum Game?


Does Protecting Species Have to be a Zero-Sum Game?

Utah Farm Bureau Concerned & Cautious Regarding Trade Tariffs and Assistance Package


Utah Farm Bureau President Ron Gibson has made a series of media interviews recently regarding the impact trade tariffs are having on Utah farm and ranch families, the Utah ag economy, and the unsure future going forward.

Farmers Waiting for Details on Trade Assistance Package


The Trump administration recently announced a $12 billion relief package to help farmers who are struggling under the weight of trade disputes.

Today is Last Day to Complete the 2017 Census of Agriculture


The Agriculture Department’s National Agricultural Statistics Service officially ends data collection for the 2017 Census of Agriculture on July 31.

Member Benefit Monday: Caterpillar – Do More Digging in Your Yard, Less in Your Wallet


Dig out any space you need with complete ease and make it easy on your wallet.

Apply for John Deere Teacher Resource Kits by Aug. 15


John Deere is sponsoring the distribution of 300 kits, each containing one copy of the Foundation’s 2018 Book of the Year, “John Deere, That’s Who!

Right This Very Minute’ Cover Reveal


Feeding Minds Press is excited to reveal the cover of it first title, “Right This Very Minute,” which explains to kids how their food makes it to the table.

Trade War Endangers Farmers, Farm Bureau Tells Congress


Many farms will lose money and even go out of business entirely if the growing trade war continues

RFD-TV Market Day Report Features Puerto Rico Recovery Efforts


Puerto Rican farmers are working hard to get back on track, with recovery expected to take years. But there is hope.

China Uses One-Third of World’s Soybeans


China is expected to use the equivalent of nearly one-third of every acre of soybeans harvested in the world

Water: Extraterritorial Jurisdiction


Extraterritorial jurisdiction is the legal ability of a government to exercise authority beyond its normal boundaries.

Online Leadership Training


Online Farm Bureau Leadership Training

RFD-TV Market Day Report Features AFBF’s Don Parrish on WOTUS


Parrish discussed agriculture’s need for permanent repeal of the WOTUS rule.

Utah Farm Bureau president appears on CNN to talk impact of trade tariffs


UFBF President Ron Gibson talks about the impact of trade tariffs on Utah and American agriculture

Member Benefit Monday: Enjoy the Open Road With a Budget Rental


Don’t miss out this summer! Enjoy the open road with a Budget rental using your Farm Bureau discount

Lost Soybean Sales to China Continue to Climb


In May, we reported on accumulated losses of U.S. soybean sales to China that seemed to coincide with trade announcements

Farm Bureau Response to Navarro’s ‘Rounding Error’ Statement


Farm income was already off by half compared to four years ago, with debt levels rising—hardly a strong position for agriculture going into this trade war.

USDA makes nearly $2 Billion available for those affected by 2017 wildfires


USDA Secretary Perdue announced that agricultural producers affected by wildfires in 2017 now may apply for assistance to help recover and rebuild their farming operations

New Ford Bonus Cash Program for Members


Ford Bonus Cash benefit program for Farm Bureau Members

Farm Bureau Highlights Importance of Agriculture with 2018 MLB All-Star Game Ad


Farm Bureau placed an ad in the 2018 Major League Baseball All-Star Game program about the importance and unpredictability of the agriculture industry.

President Duvall Talks Trade on Fox Business News


Farmers & ranchers are very concerned about what’s going on in the trade arena

Joel and Becca Ferry Family


Meet Our Farmers

Thomas and Melanie Blackham Family


Meet Our Farmers

Record-High Agricultural Exports in May 2018


U.S. farmers and ranchers exported a record $12.3 billion of agricultural products to 174 countries during May 2018, up 15 percent from 2017

American Farm Bureau Urges Court to Dismiss Challenge to WOTUS Applicability Date Rule


American Farm Bureau recently asked a federal court to dismiss a legal challenge to the Environmental Protection Agency’s “Applicability Date Rule.”

House and Senate Bills Contribute to Deficit Reduction


The Congressional Budget Office’s May 2013 Baseline for Farm Programs projected farm program spending over a 10-year period at approximately $978 billion.

Marilyn's Jam Cookies



Arizona Farm Bureau President Urges Congress to Save Ranches, Federal Lands


Largely government-owned grazing lands would be much worse off without private sector caretakers who work to maintain federal and state lands

It’s Time to Understand and Embrace Neonicotinoid Insecticides


Continuing to emphasize best management practices will continue to help protect bees

Farm Bureau supports Endangered Species Act reforms


The ESA discourages voluntary practices and targets farmers and ranchers rather than working in partnership with them

GMOs Help Us Combat Global Food Security and Sustainability Challenges


The benefits of GMOs don’t stop at the farm. GMO crops can help to reduce food waste and combat under-nourishment around the world.

Hammond Pardon: Ugly Chapter in Governmental Overreach Comes to an End


We could not be happier this ugly chapter in governmental overreach has come to an end

Live a Life You Love


You’re here for a reason. You have something to share with the world. Have you discovered what it is?

Supreme Court rules in favor of internet sales tax collection


The Supreme Court’s ruling that states have the authority to require retailers to collect and remit sales taxes on remote internet sales is a victory for Main Street retailers and local stores

American trading partners retaliate with tariffs


Some of America’s biggest trading partners are retaliating against the Trump Administration’s aluminum and steel tariffs with tariffs of their own.

Leopold Conservation Award Program Seeks Utah Nominees


Know a Utah farmer, rancher or forester who goes above and beyond in the care and management of natural resources? Nominate them for the 2018 Utah Leopold Conservation Award®.

Farm Bill Ready for Conference


Congressional lawmakers are expected to soon head to conference to iron out the differences between the House and Senate legislation

Grain Stockpiles Mounting as Prices Continue Falling


Quarterly Disappearance Also Record-High

Celebrating Farm to 4th


America’s farmers and ranchers love our country, and we’re proud to grow and raise the bounty we bring to the table for this celebration that goes from sea to shining sea

Grilling for July 4th More Affordable This Year


Farm Bureau’s informal survey reveals the average cost of a summer cookout for 10 people is $55.07, or $5.51 per person.

Legislation Would Provide Ag Haulers Some Relief


Recently introduced bills address some of the unique challenges of transporting agricultural products and livestock.

The Never-ending Retaliatory Tariff Exchange, China Edition


A new day, a new retaliatory list.

After House Passes Farm Bill, Attention Turns to Senate


Farmers and ranchers are looking forward to Senate action on its version of the farm bill.

Kansas Farmer Outlines Costly Toll of Overregulation


Farm income is at the lowest level in more than a decade

Bridging the Farmer-Consumer Gap


Consumers are increasingly curious about their food. We want to know what’s in our food and how it is produced. We are interested in the latest food and dietary trends.

Biotechnology Roads Left Untraveled


Farmers have fought hard to protect their ability to utilize this technology both in the U.S. and around the world.