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Taxes are a Certainty; Farming and Ranching is a World of Uncertainty


Congress is starting to get serious about tax reform.

Poll: Tax Reform Needed for Farmers and America


A commanding majority of American voters support tax reform

Massachusetts Farm Bureau Helps Towns Write Ag-friendlier Regulations


Interest in local agriculture has inspired many homeowners to keep backyard chickens, goats and other livestock in residential areas where neighbors are far more comfortable with dogs and cats.

Policy Analysis Versus Policy Development


Each year the organization’s delegate body of farmer and rancher members deliberates and responds to challenges facing agriculture.

From 4-H to Farm Bureau: A Firm Foundation for My Passion in Agriculture


4-H alumni nationwide have a story to tell and a testimony to share when it comes to how 4-H has changed their lives, shaped their personalities and opened up doors, getting them to where they are today.

Amazon Wants to be Your Online Supermarket


Someday a child may question where their food comes from

Dairy Farmers Invited to Take Online Survey on Risk Management Tools


Dairy farmers are invited to take an online related to Federal Crop Insurance Corporation for a new dairy insurance policy

Spring Flooding Undermined Farmers Efforts of Nitrogen Stewardship


The so-called “dead zone” in the Gulf of Mexico increased this year, after excessive spring flooding throughout the Mississippi River basin.

Drought Deepens, Ripples Hay Market


The Northern Plains continue to have very dry conditions.

For the Love of Labor


Finding willing hands to help plant, tend and harvest crops on America’s farmland is harder with each passing season

Improved Online Census of Ag Questionnaire Demonstration Website Launched


Go online and check out the Agriculture Department’s National Agricultural Statistics Service’s improved online census questionnaire demonstration site






Fencing ordinances



Included in the bill is a one year delay of the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate for livestock and insect haulers.

Key Water Management Tools


Because Utah is the second driest state in country maximizing our water use is important.

Governor's Water Strategy Advisory Report


Due to Utah’s continued population and economic growth, Utah continues to experience challenges to accommodate the infrastructure demands that are before us.

Farm Bureau Urges Support for H.R. 2170, the Flood and Agriculture Risk Management Cost Reduction Act of 2017


Reduces the cost and regulatory burden of building, maintaining and insuring agricultural structures in regulatory floodplains

Farmers Reaching out to Community on KSL's Studio 5 program


Becca Ferry KSL Studio 5 Appearance

AFBF Shares Farm Bill Needs with Congress


Given the state of the farm economy, protecting farm bill spending and maintaining the farm safety net is critical in the next farm bill

Tax Reform Crucial for America’s Farmers, Ranchers


America’s farmers and ranchers are encouraged to see that key congressional leaders and the administration understand how important tax reform is to all Americans

Utah Peaches Prove Hard to Beat as Tasty Summer Treat


Though there may be disagreements as to which part of the state produces the best crop of peaches, few can argue it isn’t an iconic taste of the summer.

Beyond the Norm at the Farmers Market


Farmers markets are a staple expectancy for the summer season in Utah. Farm Bureau also owns and operates both the South Jordan & Murray Farmers Markets

3 Classroom Setup Hacks for Ag Literacy Learning


Learn tips on setting up a classroom to help with ag literacy learning

Food Policy by Tweet – Not the Best Idea


Twitter is a handy source of information and expressing ideas, but making decisions based on it is not always a good idea.

Farm Bureau Decries D.C. Circuit’s ‘Endangered’ Wolf Ruling, Calls for Reform


The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled a thriving population of 4,000 Gray Wolves that threatens farmers and ranchers in Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin was somehow endangered

County Farm Bureaus have Sept. 1 Deadline for County Activities of Excellence program


County Farm Bureaus and their award-winning activities serve as models of innovation for local program development.

Members of Congress Support Protecting Farmers and Ranchers from Crushing Regulatory Burdens


On Tuesday, 30 members of Congress signed and sent a letter to the chairmen and ranking members of the House committees on Natural Resources and Agriculture requesting that they work together to address the numerous regulatory inefficiencies and statutory roadblocks in the agriculture community.

Assessing the Possibility of Below-Trend U.S. Corn Yield


Weather expectations are driving new-crop corn prices to contract highs

Farm Bureau Members Urged to Voice Support for WOTUS Repeal


Farm Bureau members are encouraged to submit comments in support of repeal of the 2015 Waters of the U.S. rule.

Putting down roots: Refugees using agriculture to resettle in a new home


As refugees flee their countries in staggering numbers, resettlement programs are turning toward a way of life that overcomes cultural and language barriers everywhere — agriculture.

New Legislation Would Delay Logging Device Requirements for Drivers


A recently introduced bill would provide a much-needed delay to the problematic electronic logging device mandate for certain drivers, which is set to go into effect in December

No `Recess` for Ag in August: It’s Time to Work to Influence


As you make your August plans, include time to meet with your members of Congress. They are looking to meet you.

Where Does Seedless Watermelon Come From?


The seeded commercial harvest and retail sales only add up to about 8%, meaning seedless watermelon makes up for 92% of all watermelon sales. Seedless watermelon is hugely popular in the United States and it is here to stay!

A Call for More Firefighting Cows & Sheep


Grazing livestock is a valuable, proven tool to reduce the risk of wildfire.

Clock Ticking for Farmers on Tax Reform


A lot is at stake for farmers and ranchers, especially when it comes to tax reform. We need a tax code that gives us flexibility to keep our businesses running from one season to the next.

NAFTA: Where’s the Beef?


The U.S. would be hard-pressed to consume domestically the variety meats from its own cattle supply

Farm Bureau Presents Farm Bill Goals to Congress


Congress must counter a steep, four-year drop in commodity prices that has left farmers and ranchers in worse shape than any time since the farm depression of the 1980s

If I Only Had Five Minutes


If I only had five minutes to share with you the lessons I learned on Grandpa’s farm, it would be hard to talk to you about all the lessons of service, sacrifice, and generosity that I learned

Celebrating the Miracle of Agriculture


I invite those not involved in agriculture to take some time and visit with those farmers and ranchers there and in your communities, to see how it takes all of us to get food on our tables.

No Clowning Around


Rodeo clowns play an integral role in the entertainment of the fans, and more importantly, to the safety of the cowboys participating in this high adrenaline sport

Farm Bill Math Updated in New Congressional Budget Office Baseline


These projections identify expected outlays for farm bill program spending, assuming existing programs continue without changes, and will serve as an indicator of program spending available to Congress as crafting of the 2018 farm bill kicks into higher gear.

U.S. House Passes Western Water Legislation: Includes Water Rights Protection Act


The Water Rights Protection Act reaffirms the existing principle of federal law that recognizes the ability of states to confer water rights and acknowledges that the federal government will respect those lawfully acquired rights.

Bloomberg: Trump’s Rural Broadband Plan is Essential for Agriculture


Without broadband, farmers could “potentially lose days of planting and harvesting.

USA Today: Japan-EU Trade Deal Grates on U.S. Cheese Plans


How will a new trade deal between the European Union and Japan will likely affect exports of U.S. dairy products, particularly cheese?

Utah Farm Bureau Celebrates


Add your voice to the cause of Utah's premiere general agriculture organization and attend the 101st Utah Farm Bureau Annual Convention November 15-17, 2017.

Pruitt, Zinke Visit State Farm Bureau Presidents


Two high-ranking Trump administration officials – Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke – made guest appearances Tuesday morning in Washington during AFBF’s Council of Presidents.

Farm Bill Math Updated in New Congressional Budget Office Baseline


The next farm bill could be required to be budget neutral, meaning any increase in spending in one part of the bill would require a decrease in spending elsewhere in the bill

Download the FB Advocacy App Today!


Download the FB Advocacy App Today!

Heat Wave Could Impact Butter Production


Milk production takes a significant hit during times of high heat due to animal stress.

AFBF 99th Annual Convention & IDEAg Trade Show


Farmers and ranchers from all 50 states and Puerto Rico will gather in Nashville, Tennessee for the 2018 AFBF Annual Convention & IDEAg Trade Show January 5-10, 2018.

Utah Ag Groups Gather


Utah Farm Bureau, Utah Dairy Council, and Utah Pork Producers will gather in sunny St. George, Utah at the Utah Fusion Conference January 25-27, 2018.

Farm Emmissions Reporting


Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA)

Sage Grouse Compensatory Mitigation Rule


Utah Farm Bureau submits public comment on Rule R634-3.

Antiquities Act--Bears Ears


On April 26, 2017 President Trump ordered a review of 24 Department of Interior Managed National Monuments.

Water Rights Protection Act (WRPA)


Utah Farm Bureau has actively participated in drafting the Water Rights Protection Act.

Happy Independence Day


The Utah Farm Bureau honors the founding of America and the freedoms it represents

Summer Reading and Family Fun from the Foundation for Agriculture


Check out the Foundation’s list of books and activities geared to help kids of all ages learn more about what happens on the farm and how food gets to your table, picnic or summer cookout.

County Awards of Excellence Applications Now Open


American Farm Bureau's (CAE) Awards celebrate unique, volunteer-driven programming at the local level.

Ag Experts, Entrepreneurs, Scientists Discuss Future of Food


the Washington Post brought together entrepreneurs, food industry executives, agriculture experts, economists and farmers to discuss how technology, science and new ideas are changing our modern food systems and shaping the future of what – and how – we eat

Care for Your Nozzles – They’ll Care for Your Crops


With temperatures rising, it’s important to properly water your crops and keep pests under control

Up to $2,500 Off Cat Machines


Eligible Farm Bureau members in participating states can save up to $2,500 on long-lasting Cat machines.

Sign up Today for a Groundbreaking Webinar on Rural Issues


Farm Bureau members receive a 25 percent discount on the registration fee by using promotion code AFB. That’s in addition to the “early bird” discount for registering by June 30.

U.S. Dairy and NAFTA


The NAFTA agreement series continues our focus on commodities with a look at trade in dairy and dairy products.

What’s a Millennial in the Produce Aisle to Do?


"Whether it's conventional or organic, I trust the quality of American grown produce."

‘Our Food Link’ Grants Help Farmers and Ranchers Connect with Consumers


Five Farm Bureaus were selected from a competitive pool of applicants to each receive a $500 grant from the American Farm Bureau Women’s Leadership Program to help fund “Our Food Link” projects.

China Offers Market Potential for U.S. Beef


The American Farm Bureau Federation says the reopening of China to U.S. beef provides great market potential for U.S. agriculture.

An Offal Lot of Potential


Mexico and Japan are the top two destinations for offal. The U.S. ships almost all offal produced overseas.

Bloomberg: Trump’s Cuba Moves May Chill Long-Sought U.S. Farm Export Push


Cooling in trade relations with Cuba could result in the nation purchasing agricultural goods elsewhere.

Farm Bureau Praises USDA's Perdue for Dialogue with Ag Neighbors


Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue will host Canadian Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay and Mexican Secretary of Agriculture José Calzada Rovirosa in Savannah, Georgia, for a trilateral meeting as well as other joint events.

Federal and State Agencies Asking for Help in Preventing Wildfires


Here are some general safety tips that can help prevent wildfire, keep families safe, protect resources, and not put fire fighters lives at unnecessary risk.

Wall Street Journal: Ultrafiltered Milk Sparks a U.S.-Canada Trade Battle


American Farm Bureau Federation’s John Newton was quoted in a Wall Street Journal article on trade relations between the U.S. and Canada.

Conservation Starts with Farmers and Ranchers


Author and Environmental Defense Fund staffer Miriam Horn says farmers and ranchers are the starting point of conservation and good stewardship.

AFBF Submits NAFTA Comments to USTR


The American Farm Bureau Federation says the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement should protect and improve agricultural trade.

House Passes Pesticide Application Fix Legislation


The House recently approved a Farm Bureau-supported bill clarifying congressional intent regarding regulation of the use of pesticides in or near navigable waters.

Trump’s Regulatory Rollback No Help for Farmer Facing $2.8M Fine for Plowing Own Land


American Farm Bureau Federation’s Ellen Steen was quoted in a recent Fox News article about the regulatory struggles farmers face

Farm Bureau's Duvall Praises Selection of Hazlett for Rural Development


AFBF’s Duvall Praises Selection of Hazlett for Rural Development

Kansas Farmers’ Story Featured on Nightly Business Report Segment


Kansas farmer Derek Sawyer appeared on a recent Nightly Business Report segment about possible federal budget cuts to agriculture.

Reducing Regulatory Burdens Act Awaits Senate Action


The House recently passed the Reducing Regulatory Burdens Act, which would eliminate duplicate regulations relating to pesticide applications.

What Would the Border Adjustability Tax Mean for Ag?


Farm Bureau tax specialist explains the proposed border adjustability tax would change the way the U.S. taxes corporations and its impact on agriculture

Bill Would Help Farmers Improve Irrigation Systems


Passage of the Water and Agriculture Tax Reform Act of 2017 would help farmers and ranchers more efficiently operate mutual ditch, irrigation and water companies

Farm Bureau Confident Congress Will Fully Fund Agriculture


Congress will now get to work on amending and adjusting budget figures sent by the president.

House Passes Pesticide Application Fix Legislation


Recently, the House approved a Farm Bureau-supported bill clarifying congressional intent regarding regulation of the use of pesticides in or near navigable waters.

Comments Sought on Secretary Perdue’s Plan to Reorganize USDA


Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue announced reorganization plans for the USDA, and the secretary is asking for input on his proposal.

Farm Bureau Asks Senate Committee to Advance EPA Nominee Susan Bodine


Farm Bureau has asked leadership of a Senate committee to advance EPA nominee Susan Bodine

Share Secretary Ryan Zinke Appoints Utah's Greg Sheehan as the Deputy Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke recently announced the appointment of Greg Sheehan to the newly-created position of Deputy Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

A great place to start on tax reform


Tax reforms certainly are needed to ensure we are encouraging economic activity and growth

AFBF Asks Administration to Withdraw Proposed Changes to Estate Tax Discount Valuation


Proposed changes “would significantly endanger the future of family farms in America

Stop federal water extortion, Farm Bureau says


Land managers in the West increasingly demand that ranchers who work federal land surrender their water rights to the government or get off the range

Farm Bureau Applauds EPA’s Water Rule Outreach


AFBF President Zippy Duvall praised the Environmental Protection Agency’s decision to collaborate closely with governors regarding revision of the Waters of the United States rule.

EPA Asks States for Input on New WOTUS Rule


The Environmental Protection Agency is asking states to share with the agency what they think a new rule should look like

New Bill Would Help Get More Vets Practicing in Shortage Areas


A recently introduced bill to increase grants that encourage veterinarians to practice in veterinary shortage areas has the support of AFBF.

Record-High Cheese Stocks Weigh on Milk Prices, But Should They?


For American-style cheese and butter, these March inventory levels are the highest levels since 1984 and 1993, respectively.

The Future of Farming Machinery


Eligible Farm Bureau members in participating states can print a certificate for up to $2,500 off select Cat machines

WOTUS Withdrawal Notice sent to OMB


Farm Bureau supports the EPA’s effort to withdraw the 2015 rule and replace it with one that conforms to the limits approved by Congress and affirmed by the Supreme Court.

Farm Income Could See Slight Increase in 2017


Farm income could see a slight increase this year, compared to 2016.

It’s Time to Bury the Death Tax…Permanently!


Farm Bureau believes that the estate taxes should be permanently eliminated. It’s time to bury the death tax for good.

Americans Say Agriculture is Sustainable, Favor Incentives Over Regs


Sustainability: From the notion of a modern farm or ranch being economically able to sustain a family, to the idea of working with the land in a manner that supports food and fiber production for future generations, the word means different things to different people.

Regulatory Reform Underway at EPA


The Environmental Protection Agency recently submitted a Federal Register notice to solicit public comments on agency regulations.

Farm Bureau Selects New Partners in Advocacy Leadership Class


An outstanding group of young farm and ranch leaders have been selected by AFBF as the organization’s ninth Partners in Advocacy Leadership class.

Farmers and Ranchers Need a Simple, Fair Tax Code


Congress can’t change the weather, but it can do a lot to improve the climate for running a farm or ranch. Farmers and ranchers grow food, fuel and fiber in a world of uncertainty. We need a tax code that recognizes the unique financial challenges we face, and we need flexibility to run and expand our businesses.