2024 Political Questionnaire

The Utah Farm Bureau Federation asked primary candidates for several statewide elections, including U.S. Senate, U.S. House, and Utah Attorney General, to provide responses to issues likely to impact farmers and ranchers and rural communities in Utah over the next few years.

The candidates featured are from the 2024 Republican Party Primaries from several statewide primaries. There were no democratic primaries in these statewide races. Utah Farm Bureau does not endorse candidates, and simply provides their answers to questions to help voters when making election decisions. In some instances, campaigns did not respond to the questionnaire. Utah Farm Bureau will attempt to provide updated questionnaires once candidates are decided for the general election.

Their responses have been lighted edited (slight corrections for spelling and in case of excessive length) and are shared with Farm Bureau members in the same style that they were provided to the Utah Farm Bureau Federation. These responses are shared with Utah Farm Bureau members so you can get perspectives on agriculture issues that are not always included in campaign speeches or debates.

U.S. Senate

U.S. House -- District 1

U.S. House -- District 2

U.S. House -- District 3

Utah Attorney General