Following the success of Market Intel, AFBF has launched a new section on the Voice of Agriculture website that features commodity market futures prices for grains, oilseeds, livestock, dairy and soft products (e.g. cotton, sugar, orange juice). All market prices on the website are for reference only; a real-time market data feed is not provided. The prices are on at least a 10-minute delay and should not be used for trading purposes. AFBF launched the site to help our grassroots farmer and rancher members better understand market trends and make well-informed business decisions. 
The new feature includes commodity futures market prices for multiple contract months. Users can interact with the data to view the price history of commodities and will be able to review daily price changes.
The new webpage complements ongoing efforts to launch a new member benefits program in 2019 designed to help farmers and ranchers manage commodity price risk. Visit to learn more.