Breakfast on the Farm provides a fun learning opportunity for families!  The goal of Breakfast on the Farm is to connect local consumers to farmers, and provide families with an up close and personal look at how their food is grown and raised and to build relationships with farmers.

This activity provides families an opportunity learn about proper animal care, crop production, milk production and operation of farm equipment all while having fun.   Activities could include: kids pedal tractor races, old and new tractor displays, horse drawn wagon rides, farm obstacle course, children's corn pit, scavenger hunt, pancake eating contest, live music and photo opportunities.  The possibilities are limitless!

Think about local farmers and ranchers when you plan the breakfast menu. Breakfast might include pancakes, bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs with cheese and milk.  Partner with local growers and businesses to donate food or sponsor the event.  Be sure to enlist help from Farm Bureau members to cook and serve breakfast and help with the planned farm activities.

Thinking of hosting Breakfast on the Farm?  Here's  a checklist to get you started:

  • Reserve facilities and farm that will facilitate the number of anticipated attendees
  • Access to a building or tent with tables and chairs that will accommodate anticipated attendees for breakfast
  • Adequate parking
  • Access to port-o-potties, hand washing facilities, portable water, and waste receptacles
  • Adequate liability insurance to cover visitors
  • Willingness to allow visitors to visit farm areas that are safe and accessible
  • Ability to commit time and resources to plan and organize the event and prepare the farm
  • Sufficient volunteers to help in planning and helping the day of the event
  • Contact local financial sponsors
  • Create and meet with planning committee
  • Prepare a media spokesperson for the farm and the event