Today is the last day for farmers and ranchers to submit comments to the Environmental Protection Agency on the Waters of the U.S. rewrite. Farm Bureau Senior Counsel for Public Policy, Travis Cushman, says submitting comments is simple.

"I would encourage everyone to go ahead and submit their own comments," Cushman said. "The deadline is today (September 3). And if you're interested in finding where that is, it’s on under advocacy, we have an easy link for you to do that."

Cushman encourages farmers and ranchers to tell the EPA that the rule is working.

"I think just let EPA know that the Navigable Waters Protection Rule is working, it's working well and it's provided clarity and certainty to folks, while at the same time protecting the resources that we care about," Cushman said.

Monday’s District of Arizona court ruling to vacate the rule brings added uncertainty.

"That's made a big question mark. There are three other cases where the courts have refused to vacate or disrupt the Navigable Waters protection rule," Cushman said. "This is the first time that a judge has said the rule is vacated. We obviously disagree with the decision, but it's left a bit of a question mark as to what this action means. But again, we still do encourage folks to go ahead and submit their comments to let EPA know how we feel about this."

Again, submit comments by Friday at