As a farm owner, you understand you face certain risks and farm insurance can help protect you, your property, and assets from loss. The difficult questions to answer are what type of coverage and how much you need for your farm and how much farm insurance do you need? The amount of insurance you need depends on a few factors and it can vary depending on your specific operation. It’s important to think about all that resides and operates on your farm before customizing your policies and deciding on coverage amounts. The process doesn’t have to be complicated or leave you feeling unsure. Working with a Farm Bureau agent takes away the guesswork.

To get started ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. Does My Farm Insurance Cover the Cost of Repairing or Rebuilding?
    Check your current policy to see if structures, vehicles, equipment, etc., are covered. We understand you may not want to cover older structures but make sure that new pole shed or combine is covered in case of a loss.

  2. Does My Livestock Generate Income?
    If you have livestock that generates income, you may need coverage for this exposure. Your Farm Bureau agent and Ag Underwriter will work with you to recommend customized coverage options.

  3. Do I Have a Workers’ Compensation Policy for My Employees?
    Having employees work on your farm can add another risk to your operation. A workers compensation policy provides protection to you and your employees. As a farm owner, keeping those on your farm safe is a top priority but accidents can happen. While coverage requirements vary by state, workers’ compensation generally pays benefits to an injured worker.

As the #1 ag insurer**, we understand the unique needs of farmers. The best way to ensure you’re properly protected is by connecting with your local Farm Bureau agent. Together, you can discuss all of the exposures related to your operation and develop a coverage offering that protects your assets appropriately. 

Connect with your Farm Bureau agent today to schedule an on-site SuperCheck!

**No. 1 ag insurer across our 8-state territory; 2022 SNL P&C Group