This February, professionals from across the country will gather to discuss the discuss the ecological and economic issues associated with mitigating damage caused by blackbirds, starlings, corvids, and vultures. The conference, put on by a collaboration of USU Extension and experts, will be held February 10-13, 2020 at the Hilton Salt Lake City Center. 

Early registration has been extended until January 31, for a cost of $350, and one day registration of $100. There is also a live streaming option for $100 for those who cannot attend in person. Those with additional questions on attending the conference can reach out to Matt Hargreaves at

Researchers estimate that blackbirds, starlings, corvids and vultures cause billions of dollars in damage to agriculture commodities and livestock facilities, transmit disease to humans and animals, are destructive to personal property, and are a safety concern at airports.

The Bird Damage Management Conference is a venue in which professionals from all over the country will gather to discuss and share management approaches, research strategies, policy, and messaging around the management of blackbirds, starlings, corvids, and vultures. The main focus is on developing successful (cost effective and environmentally sound) strategies and tools for bird damage mitigation.

This conference will bring together a core group of researchers, managers, administrators, and stakeholders that are interested in the biology and management of these birds with an objective to involve key stakeholders in the development of a plan that will focus on meeting their challenges in protecting agriculture, urban, and natural resources.

The conference will have coordinated sessions on blackbirds, starlings, corvids, and black vultures, followed by panels on management and mitigation of damage. The last day will be devoted to break-out sessions to aid in the development of road-maps for future research and methods development. 

The website for the conference is: Here you can find information on registration, call for papers, and conference logistics. If you have questions, please contact conference logistics coordinator, Jessica Tegt at (435) 797-0570.