County President: Dusty Huntington (435-749-1397)

Emery County Facts

Area :  4,452  square miles

Population:  10,248

County Seat : Caste Dale City

Economy: livestock, coal mining, power generation

County Website :  Emery County

Emery County contains three areas: the mountainous Wasatch Plateau to the west; Castle Valley, where the major settlements are located; and the desert of the San Rafael Swell, the San Rafael Reef, Cedar Mountain, and the remote stretches on the east.

One of the beauties of Emery County is its diverse climate. From warm, sunny days in the summer months to snowstorms in winter, a full range of temperatures and weather can be experienced. The summer sun, which brings roughly 150 clear days a year, gradually melts the snow pack brought during winter - which stays primarily in the mountains - but not before adventurers experience "the best snow on earth." Both spring and fall consist of cooler days, light rain showers, and gusty breezes. Above all, the weather of Emery County is continually changing and citizens constantly learn to be prepared for the unexpected.


Emery County Agricultural Statistics (2017 Census)


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