Sara Harward, Farm Bureau Women's Volunteer and owner of Harward Farms Sweet Corn, took to KSL Studio 5 to connect with local Utahns and to promote farmers in Utah.  Utah Farm Bureau Women's Committee asked Sara to share her story on the segment as part of their agricultural education outreach to families in Utah, which airs on Thursday, September 7th at 11 a.m. You can watch the program live by clicking HERE, or at when the video is uploaded.

Sara did not grow up on a farm, but she is now a farmer. She has spent the last 9 years going into the schools in her area (Mapleton) teaching the children about what a farmer looks like and what they do. She has actively participate din the Utah County Farm Bureau Farm Field Days and they have had close to 150,000 second grade students visit their farm and other farms throughout the county over the past few decades to share with students the value of agriculture in all of our lives. 

She talked about the value of connecting viewers and their families with local farmers and ranchers. Sara invites hundreds of visitors to her farm every year. It is a great opportunity for her to share how they grow food for their community and to connect with those who eat the food they grow. 

She also spoke of the programs that Farm Bureau sponsors for agriculture education, namely the "share a book" program and our support and use of Agriculture in the Classroom. These programs can help families, and teachers, connect to farmers and ranchers in their classrooms.

Sara provided all the produce displayed, and the food was donated to the Ronald McDonald House after the segment.

As part of the segment, Utah Farm Bureau is giving away 5 free accurate agriculture books. To claim one of these books please call 801-233-3010.