Utah Farm & Fork recently caught up with Nadine Wimmer, though most families know her by Deanie as they’ve invited her into their homes – at least virtually. Deanie is an Emmy award-winning news anchor for KSL television, currently covering the news at 5, 6, 6:30, and 10 p.m. Deannie has been with KSL for her entire career, which began as an intern while a student at the University of Utah. When not meeting deadlines and sharing the news of the day, Wimmer loves the outdoors and we learned has a great connection and appreciation of local food.


Where were you born?

I was born in Holladay, Utah, but have also lived in Sandy and Park City and spent a lot of time in St. George and Bear Lake.

Tell me about your family.

I’m married to Phil Kirk, and we have two teenage boys and live in Park City. They play baseball and ski and have been swimmers. We like to hang out, ski and go on vacation

Do you have siblings? Where do you fit in the birth order?

I am the oldest of six children, and I’m close to my siblings and parents. We get together often over delicious meals.

Tell me about your childhood.

I grew up in the era where kids would go roller skating, to the mall, arcades and “the sev” (7/11). In third grade, I sliced my thumb with a butcher knife trying to make a tv out of a cardboard box, so I could play tv news.

Did you grow up on a farm or have a family garden?

I was not born on a farm, but I grew up with a small garden and fruit trees. I begrudged our cherry, peach, and apricot trees because I was the lawnmower, and we had to pick up the fruit before I could mow the lawn. I loved the corn and tomatoes we grew in the garden, but I rarely helped weed. I loved the backyard raspberry bushes and happily picked and ate them!

You said that food was a big part of your family’s life as caterers. What was that like?

Growing up with Distinctive Catering as our family business, food was a serious business. Meat, potatoes and veggies for dinner. Stuffed pork chops and roast beef for after-school snacks. Baby eclairs and mini ham sandwiches in our school lunches. Holidays and special occasions always revolved around good food—and still do!

Did you have favorite things to do as a child? Or things you hated doing?

I took ballet all through childhood and played the piano, which I loved. I have many memories of working for the family catering business on Saturdays, vacuuming the banquet hall, doing dishes and setting tables with my sisters and brother.


What type of student were you while growing up?

I was a good student, loving English, French, and history. I loved to read so much, my mom would make me stop and go play.


Many of us have watched you on television for some time. Is that what you wanted to do when you were a child/teen? Or what other interests do you have?

I’ve had news on my radar for as long as I can remember, which included the unfortunate incident with the butcher knife making my own tv. Years later, I went as a teenager to KSL to job shadow. That’s when I really set my goal to come back there and work.

Aside from that, I loved ballet, jazz dancing, playing piano, running and playing outside.

Please describe a typical workday for me.

I go in the late afternoon around 3:30 and start reading scripts and voicing promotions. I anchor the 5, 6, 6:30 and 10 pm news. In between, I set up news stories, interviews, write stories and do social media.

I imagine you’ve traveled to many other cities on assignment, are there things you liked to eat that reminded you of home? Or what food do you miss the most from home?

That is the beauty of living close to your parents. I eat my favorite food from home every time I get together for extended family meals. Grilled steaks, potatoes, salads.


Do you have a favorite food?

I love grilled steak, salmon, salads, roasted vegetables, pizza and dark chocolate


How would you classify yourself from an eating standpoint? Are you an omnivore (someone who eats any and everything), an herbivore (someone who just eats plants), someone on a paleo diet (just meats and dairy products), or something else?

I eat about everything, just lots of it! I love to eat!


Is there a restaurant in Utah you like to go to?

Lots of them. On work nights, I usually go every week to Crown Burger.


What’s the best meal you’ve ever had? And why?

My parents' Sunday dinners – good food and made with love!

What was the favorite meal/food you ate growing up? Or what food memories do you have from your childhood?

The same thing that it is now, steak, potatoes, vegetables, corn on the cob, crusty bread and my favorite whipping cream cake that my mom makes.

Have you visited a farm/ranch or farmers market in Utah before?

I always go to farmers markets in the summers. Nothing better than fresh peaches, berries, tomatoes, corn and artisan bread.


Do you like to cook or is someone else the main cook? If yes, what is your go-to meal/dish/recipe?

I like to grill, but I’m not a very proficient cook and I rarely bake.


If you don’t want to cook anything fancy or elaborate, what is your basic comfort food you like to eat (no shame!)?

Salads or I use my George Foreman grill to panini a sandwich. I love a good sandwich!

Do you have a favorite recipe?

No, but I often use my dad’s grill marinade. We grill year-round. We even shovel a path in the snow to get to the grill and I have a “grill coat”!