In Farm Bureau We Believe . . .

In Farm Bureau We Believe . . .
  • in the American private, competitive enterprise system.
  • that the Constitution is the basic law of the land.  Long established interpretations should be changed only through constitutional amendment.
  • in government of law, rather than of men, and in a Congress that limits discretionary powers of the executive branch and regulatory agencies.
  • that property rights are among human rights essential to the preservation of freedom.
  • that government should provide only minimum aid and control.
  • that each person should be rewarded according to productive contributions to society.
  • that government should stimulate, not discourage, individual initiative.
  • that the search for progress should be encouraged through opportunity--rather than hindered by illusions of security.
  • that monopoly--whether by government, industry, labor or agriculture--is dangerous.
  • that government should operate impartially in the interests of all.
  • that propagandizing by government is dangerous to self-government.
  • that voluntary cooperation is a part of the American system and is the "Farm Bureau way."

All These Sustained by Our Religious Faith