County President: Troy Rindlisbacher (435-250-0679)

Juab County Facts

Area:  3,412 square miles

Population: 10,948

County Seat:  Nephi

Origin of County Name:  named from the Ute word meaning flat or level plain

Economy:  manufacturing, agriculture, mining and recreation

County Website:  Juab County

Juab County is home to the Historic Tintic Mining District which is rich in silver and lead and was named after Tintic, chief of Ute band.  Little Sahara Recreation Area is the county's big sand dunes.  Other points of interest are Old Pony Express and Stage Route, Yuba Reservoir, Goshute Indian Reservation, Tintic Mining Museum, Mount Nebo (You can see into Nevada from Mt. Neobo, the tallest mountain in the Wasatch Range.) Wilderness Area, Fish Springs National Wildlife Refuge.

Most of its Juab County's fertile farming land lies in the Juab Valley near Nephi at the base of Mount Nebo (11,877 feet).  Juab County's growing season averages 155 days.  Juab County gets an average of 15 inches of rain per year and 56 inches of snow with 226 sunny days.

Agricultural Statistics

Juab County Agricultural Statistics (2017)


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