North Box Elder County President: Jeff Kent (435-279-0145)

box elder county facts

Area: 5,614 square miles (In both North and South Box Elder Counties.) 

Population: 56,046 (In both North and South Box Elder Counties)

County Seat: Brigham City

Origin of County Name: from all of the box elder trees that can be found there

Economy: livestock, transportation, trade

County Website: Box Elder County

Box Elder County forms the northwest corner of Utah. This large county is part of the vast Great Basin. It includes the northern part of the Great Salt Lake and the Great Salt Lake Desert. Marshlands surround the place where the Bear River runs into the Great Salt Lake. Some of these form the Bear River National Migratory Bird Refuge.

The Promontory Mountains, Raft River Mountain, Grouse Creek Mountains, and Pilot Range give the county its high points. The valleys contain farmlands (in places where there is enough water), rangelands, and desert.


Box Elder Agricultural Statistics (2017)


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