Utah Farm Bureau Federation has partnered with Abenity Perks to offer our members private offers and discounted rates on everything from pizza and the zoo to movie tickets, oil changes, car rentals and hotels. You will still have access to all the Farm Bureau discounts currently available plus thousands of new discounts available in over a million redemption locations throughout the United States and Canada. You’ll always have a reason to celebrate your savings!

Most of our tickets will be moved to a digital format, (except for Hogle Zoo, The Aquarium, and Cowabunga Bay) making it easier for members to get tickets quickly!   

As a Farm Bureau member, you can nominate a favorite local business to offer a Member Benefit discount. It’s as simple as logging into the Abenity app, clicking on the tab marked “Perks 101” and filling out the form under the button “Nominate a Merchant.”   We’ll do the rest! (Businesses have the right to accept or decline the opportunity to offer a member benefit.) 

The current Utah Farm Bureau membership app will be deactivated on July 11.
Delete the old app and register for the new member benefits app as outlined below

How to Register for the New App

  1. To learn more and register, members should go to https://utahfarmbureau.abenity.com to sign up on desktop computers. (Have your Utah Farm Bureau membership number to register.)
  2. Visit https://utahfarmbureau.abenity.com/GO to register in the mobile app. (Must have the /GO on the end of the URL).
  3. Scan the QR code for your program.    
  4. After you’ve created your account for the first time, you can login on a web browser or tablet at: https://utahfarmbureau.abenity.com/ OR login through our mobile app for iPhone or Android which can be downloaded from: https://utahfarmbureau.abenity.com/perks/mobile-apps       

  If you have questions about an offer, need a refund, or need help signing in, contact support@abenity.com or hannah.haslam@fbfs.com.