County President:  Trevor Barnson (435-616-2078)

piute county facts

Area: 754 square miles

Population: 1,904

County Seat: Junction

Origin of County Name: after Piute Indians

Economy: Tourism, agriculture (primarily beef and dairy cattle), education

County Website: Piute County

Volcanoes began to erupt in what is now Piute County starting 30 million years ago.  These volcanoes erupted occasionally for 25 million years—laying down 10,000 feet of volcanic rock. The Tushar Mountains, which rise up at the west of the county, are made from that volcanic lava. During that volcanic era, minerals such as silver, gold, copper, mercury, and iron flowed into cracks in the rocks—leaving behind rich ore veins. 

They average 12.9 inches of rain annually and have a high and low temperature of 89 and 14 respectively.

Agricultural Statistics

Piute Agricultural Statistics (2017)


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