Statement on Resignation of Ron Gibson

August 15, 2023


“Utah Farm Bureau Federation was notified today of Ron Gibson’s resignation from his position as president of the Utah Farm Bureau, effective immediately. Mr. Gibson had announced on Friday, August 11, that he was taking a leave of absence from the post. 

Utah Farm Bureau welcomes this development. We are grateful for his years of service to our organization, but his mistreatment of a farm worker last week was unbecoming of a leader and inconsistent with Farm Bureau’s values. 

Treating people with respect is a core value that must not be compromised. Workers who accept positions on farms face hard work in the fields and pastures across America. They deserve our gratitude and respect. Farmers and ranchers would not be able to carry on the important role of feeding America without them.  

Mr. Gibson has apologized for his actions and indicated that he welcomes the investigation into the additional allegations against him. We urge the public to follow the advice of the Weber County Sheriff’s Office to allow the investigation to run its course to ensure justice is served. 

The Utah Farm Bureau Board of Directors will carry on essential functions for the organization until a replacement is selected.”