The 2020 Story and Video Contest Winners have been selected! The contest is run by the Utah Farm Bureau Women's Leadership Committee, as a way to bring a connection of Utah's agriculture from the farm to the plate.

The theme this year is "This Is Why I Farm".

Submissions were a true to life exploration of the ideas expressed in the theme, with characters and objects based in factual material. One of the winning submissions, Kiri Cook of Emery County wrote, "Farmers farm because farming is a part of them and their heritage, and it's their humane movement to support the people around them with food."

Story Contest 1st place winners receive $100, 2nd place winners receive $50, and 3rd place receives $25. 

Story Contest Winners

3rd Grade

1st: Bridger Ellett- Iron County

2nd: Dre Bernhardi- Iron County

3rd: Kaisley Isaacson- Iron County

4th Grade

1st: Kade Morgan -Piute County

2nd: Rylan Hallows- Wayne County

3rd: Jess Larsen - Emery County

5th Grade

1st: Hannah Johnson- Sevier County

2nd: Annie Johansen- Emery County

3rd: Elizabeth Scholzen- Washington County

6th Grade

1st: Hadley Morgan - Piute County

2nd: Isabella Beecher- Utah County

3rd: Kaicee Behling - Emery County

7th-8th Grade

1st: Chase Huggard- Emery County

2nd: Alison Johansen- Emery County

9th-12th Grade

1st: Kiri Cook- Emery County

2nd: Hadlee Taylor - Wayne County

3rd: Katelyn Johnson- Sevier County

Adult Category

1st: Rae lene Ekker- Wayne County