Utah Farm Bureau members recently spent time on Utah's Capitol Hill, visiting with State lawmakers on issues that were on the minds of farmers and ranchers throughout Utah. It was a busy time to visit with lawmakers, during the middle of the legislative session. In addition to briefings about current legislative proposals, Utah Farm Bureau members were also able to take time to visit with lawmakers after while they were on the legislative floor. 

Farm Bureau members visited on issues such as eminent domain, predator control, water quality, tax reform, and more. Lawmakers also presented on issues they were working on, and how farmers and ranchers can get involved in the political process.

In addition to the Capitol visits, Utah Farm Bureau hosted several of the Republican candidates for governor, to understand their platforms and what role agriculture plays. In addition to these photos below, there are additional photos on our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/UtahFarmBureau.

Rep. Joel Ferry (far right) visits with Utah Farm Bureau members about legislative issues dealing with water quality.


Rep. Carl Albrecht (far right) of Sevier County visits with Utah Farm Bureau members about his predator control legislation.


Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. talks with Utah Farm Bureau members about why he's running for governor, and the need to shore up rural Utah economic development.


Aimee Winder Newton talks about her experiences in education and why that is a platform issue for her in the Governor's race.


Former State GOP Chair Thomas Wright visits about his race for the Governor's office and why he is the best choice.