With more than 90% of the state in extreme drought, farmers and ranchers across Utah are wondering if they’ll have enough water to grow their crops and whether they’ll be able to afford the increasing cost of livestock feed.
Utah Farm Bureau President Ron Gibson told CBS News reporter Jonathan Vigliotti that water for his crops has been cut by 70%.
“If I don’t get these crops to market, we can’t survive,” he said.

Along with sleepless nights worrying about whether he’ll be able to continue his family’s 152-year farming tradition, Gibson said he’s concerned about how the entire country will be affected if the drought forces farmers and ranchers out of business.
“When agriculture’s gone, then our ability to produce food is gone. That’s what scares me the most about this whole situation,” Gibson said.

The Utah drought story aired on "CBS Evening News" on June 10 & “CBS This Morning” on June 11.