Young kids and students often have a lot of questions about agriculture and where our food comes from. Now, you can get your kids ask their questions about farming and get answers from real farmers! 

These farmers have answered a variety of kids' questions, such as how cows eat, why horses wear shoes, what do farmers do when they run out of hay in the winter, how farmers get syrup from trees, the differences between hay & straw, and about how apple trees grow?

In the most recent video, Utah farmer Tyson Roberts and his daughters share how they grow their potatoes from seed.

The American Farm Bureau's 'Foundation for Agriculture' has worked to have farmers answer these questions through its  "Kids' Questions about Agriculture" project. The project is just part of the efforts of the Foundation to increase agricultural literacy from youth and adults. The Foundation seeks to provide resources, offer educational opportunities, publish accurate agriculture books, and in general spark insight in others. Creating that first spark of curiosity about where food, fiber and fuel comes from, and then being there with the resources to help answer questions is what the Foundation is all about.

An agriculturally literate person understands how the agricultural industry works – not just where food comes from, but who grows it, agriculture’s effect on the economy, environment, technology, lifestyle and its relationship to livestock.

You can have your kids or students submit your kids'/students' questions about food and farming- we will have a real farmer or rancher answer the question with a video reply. To learn more about the Foundation in general, visit