In an effort to more closely align revenues and expenses, the Utah Livestock Brand Board recommended new brand inspection fees earlier this year followed by the 2019 Utah Legislature approving the new fee structure.  New fees will be implemented July 1, 2019. 


A brand inspection is intended to serve a number of important purposes, including: 1) deter theft, 2) facilitate commerce, 3) protect livestock producers and lenders, 4) provide accurate tracking of livestock movement to help in disease trace-ability, 5) facilitate the return of stolen or stray livestock, and 6) help keep the livestock industry healthy and viable. 

Brand inspections are required by Utah law when livestock are changing ownership, going to slaughter or leaving the state.  Utah law also requires all cattle that forage on open range be branded with a Utah recorded brand.  All livestock enter Utah must have a valid health certificate issued by a certified veterinarian in the state of origin, except when they are consigned on the brand inspection certificate directly to an approved auction or slaughterhouse, or traveling on a current animal entry permit or commuter permit. 

The following is the approved brand fee schedule, showing areas that have changed. 

Brand Inspection Fee Changes
Item Fee Change
Farm Custom Slaughter $100.00 No
Estray Animals Variable No
Citation (per violation) $200.00 No
Citation (per head) $2.00 No
Minimum Brand Inspection $20.00 Yes
Cattle (per head) $1.00 Yes
Beef Promotion – Cattle Only (per head) $1.50 No
Horse (per head) $2.00 Yes
Sheep (per head) $0.05 No
Show and Seasonal Permits Cattle (per head) $25.00 No
Horse (per head) $25.00 No
Horse Permit – Lifetime (first horse) $55.00 Yes
Horse Permit – Lifetime (horses after first) $35.00 No
Duplicate Lifetime $10.00 No
Lifetime Transfer $10.00 No
Special Sales $250.00 No
Brand Recording $75.00 No
Brand Renewal and Registration $175.00 Yes
Brand Transfer $175.00 Yes
Certified Copy of Recording (new brand card) $5.00 No
Brand Book $25.00 No
Elk Inspection New License $300.00 No
Brand Inspection (per elk) $5.00 No
Service Charge (per stop, per owner) $15.00 No
Elk Hunting Permit $100.00 No
Elk License Renewal $300.00 No
Late $50.00 No