The Utah legislature recognized the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF) on Tuesday, March 2nd by passing H.C.R. 21, a concurrent resolution that “recognizes and expresses appreciation to the Department of Agriculture and Food.”
The resolution sponsor, Representative Mike Kohler, along with Senate sponsor, Senator David Hinkins, presented the resolution to both the House and Senate on Tuesday, receiving overwhelming support from both bodies.
As part of the presentation of H.C.R. 21, the current and all former, living, commissioners of UDAF were in attendance and recognized. Commissioners Cary Peterson, Leonard Blackham, LuAnn Adams, Kerry Gibson, Logan Wilde, and Craig Buttars were given standing ovations as a thank you for their years of dedicated service to the State of Utah in ensuring the residents have had a safe and abundant food supply for the past 100 years.
Starting out as the State Board of Horticulture in 1896, UDAF was officially created in 1921 by combining several different state agencies. In the past 100 years, UDAF has been responsible for food safety, animal health, natural resource management, and much more. The department continues to go strong and will provide a lot for the state of Utah in the next 100 years.