County President: Stuart Stout (435-467-3995)


Area: 2,422 square miles 

Population: 177,556

County Seat: St. George 

Where it got its name: President George Washington 

Economy: recreation, retirees, education, services, trade 

County Website:  Washington County

Interesting places: Zion National Park, Snow Canyon State Park, Gunlock Reservoir, Red Cliffs Recreation Area, St. George LDS temple and tabernacle, and Dixie College

Red sandstone, red soil, dark pine-covered mountains, lava flows, cliffs and canyons, cottonwood-lined streams and rivers, rolling dry country of mesquite and Joshua trees… these are some of the images of Washington County.

The eastern third of the county, including spectacular Zion National Park, is part of the Colorado Plateau. The western two-thirds lies in the Basin and Range geographic province—but outside of the Great Basin.

The valley of the Virgin River and its tributaries have earned the nickname “Dixie” because it has the highest average temperatures in the state and very mild winters—making it possible to grow cotton there.

The lowest point in Utah, along Beaver Dam Wash (2,350 feet), is near the county's southwest corner. The Pine Valley Mountains in the north rise over 10,000 feet.

The economic base of the county has changed a lot over the years. Most people lived by agriculture at the beginning. Now, the economy has a much more diversified mix.


Washington County Agricultural Statistics (2017)