What Farm Bureau Means to Farmers and Ranchers

What Farm Bureau Means to Farmers and Ranchers
  • Your opinions develop policy.
  • Full-time representation in Washington.
  • Representation at local, regional, state and national hearings, commissions, councils and meetings.
  • Opposition to expanding government and increased taxes to pay for it.
  • Aggressive leadership in world trade.
  • Commodity representation and advisory alerts.
  • FB Women, Young Farmer & Rancher, and Ag Promotion activities.
  • Legal leadership in environmental, marketing and foreign trade issues.
  • Legislative defense of land and water priority and use.
  • Bipartisan political development; surfacing, training, and encouraging supportive candidates.
  • Broadcast, print, and Internet information to keep you up to date on farm and ranch issues.
  • Personal and property protection.
  • Health, safety and insurance programs.
  • Member communications for member action.
  • Representation for agriculture with public relations and media relations work.
  • Support for animal agriculture.
  • Strong county, state and national organizations.
  • The satisfaction of being part of THE strongest farm organization accomplishing important things you cannot do alone.