Public Lands Articles




The Bureau of Land Management seeks nominations to the Utah Resource Advisory Council


This citizen-based council assists in the development of recommendations that address public land management issues.

Utah Farm Bureau Joins Coalition to Support Federal Wildfire Bill


The bipartisan legislation being considered will expedite forest management, accelerate post-fire restoration and reforestation, and remove dead and dangerous wood from national forests.

The Bureau of Land Management’s Headquarters Officially Established in Grand Junction, Colorado


Relocation of staff resources enhances the Bureau’s ability to serve the American public

The Bureau of Land Management names Greg Sheehan as Utah State Director


As Utah State Director, Sheehan will oversee management of nearly 22.9 million acres of public lands, representing about 42% of the state

USDA ARS Improving Seeding Success on Cheatgrass-Infested Rangelands


Cheatgrass has transformed arid sagebrush plant communities in the Great Basin by providing a fine-textured, early maturing fuel that increases the chance, rate, spread, and season of wildfires.

Celebrate National Public Lands Day Sept. 28


BLM designates fee-free day at its recreation and visitor sites as part of annual event

Forest Service Proposal Simplifies Decision-Making


?Proposed regulatory changes by the U.S. Forest Service would streamline the way the agency handles environmental analysis and decision-making

USDA Releases Proposed Amendments to Greater Sage Grouse Land Management Plans


The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Forest Service proposed changes to how the agency manages greater sage grouse

Brand inspection fee changes coming July 1


In an effort to align brand program management costs and revenues from brand fees, the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF) is announcing changes to some of the fees and structure that were proposed by the Utah Livestock Brand Board and passed at the 2019 Legislative Session.

School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration Grazing Fees on the Rise


Utah’s School and Institutional Trust Lands Association (SITLA) Board of Trustees voted to increase the livestock grazing fees for both scattered and block sections.