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How to Make  Wedding Cake


How to Make wedding Cake

5 Farmers to Thank on Thanksgiving


While many are already looking forward to the Christmas holidays, don’t overlook Thanksgiving and the occasion it provides to reflect on our lives and the much we have been given.

Utah Apple Growers


Find a Utah apple grower.

15 Scary Food Myths


Knowing the truth can debunk scary food myths.

Celebrating Pasta! See how Utah wheat becomes spaghetti


Farmers and state lawmakers all saw how food comes from the farm to a product they can find on the shelves at their local grocery store – producing something like spaghetti to help feed the world.

Plant Scientists Build on Wheat Research with $1.9 Million NIFA Grant


The primary goals of recent research are to investigate the effects of compost on water efficiency, soil, and yield and to test new intercropping strategies on organic dryland wheat

Mushrooms 101: Putting the Fun in Fungus!


Tuesday is National Mushroom Day. Find out how to celebrate!

Survey Says: 86% of US Adults Prefer Dairy Milk and Large Margin Want Increased Milk Offerings in School Meals


By a margin of more than 2-1, U.S. adults say it’s important to offer low-fat flavored milks with school meals

Old Fashioned Pumpkin Pie & The Best Crust


The best pie and crust recipe from big pie eaters.

3 New Ways to Prepare Your Veggies


Tired of plain steamed veggies? Give these recipes a try.