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Farm Bureau Encourages Farmers to Participate in USDA Labor Survey


The American Farm Bureau Federation is urging farmers to respond to a USDA survey about farm workers’ hours and wages.

Communicating COVID19 Farm Safety and Farm Worker Health on the Farm


Safety remains a top priority across the food chain, with everyone—from the farm to the grocery store—doing their part to take great care and precautions to get food safely to your tables.

State Department Clears the Way for Agriculture Workforce


U.S. Consular officers can now waive the visa interview requirement for eligible first-time and returning H-2A and H-2B applicants, making more workers in the H-2 program available while prioritizing public health.

Farm Bureau Highlights Immediate Challenges Facing the Agriculture Sector


American Farm Bureau has released its first assessment of the impact on farmers and ranchers in the wake of the national mitigation efforts to combat COVID-19. å

The Adverse Effect of the H-2A Wage Rate


Compared to 1980, the U.S. imports 10 times more fruit into our nation’s marketplace, and vegetable imports have almost quadrupled.

Congress’ New Year’s Resolution Should be Ag Labor Reform


It’s hard for a U.S. farmer to compete with foreign growers when their labor costs are so much lower than ours.

Agriculture Workforce Coalition Urges Senate Action on Ag Labor Crisis


The Adverse Effect Wage Rate will immediately increase farmers’ labor costs at a time when revenue for agricultural goods is declining

Farm Bureau: Farmers Need Meaningful Ag Labor Reform


Farmers need meaningful reform that addresses the concerns of both workers and growers

2019 H-2A Sets Records, While a 2020 AEWR Wage Increase Approaches


The number of H-2A farm labor positions reached record highs this year, and wages paid under the program will increase again in 2020

Farm Bureau Calls for Improvements to Ag Labor Bill


While modifications were made in response to concerns raised are welcome, these changes unfortunately fall short of assuring that American producers will be able to keep their farms going