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Work Needed to Improve Labor Legislation for Agriculture


Earlier draft versions of this bill raised significant questions and concerns that need to be addressed before we can fully support the bill

Utah Farm Bureau: Work Needed to Improve Labor Needs for Agriculture


America’s farmers and ranchers desperately need Congress to address agriculture’s labor needs

Farm Bureau Weighs in on H-2A Advertising Requirements Final Rule


The Department of Labor has issued a regulation that eliminates the requirement that employers place print newspaper advertisements in the area of intended employment of H-2A employees

Proposed H-2A Changes Tries but Fails to Contain Considerable Wage Variability


Recently, the Department of Labor published a proposed rule that would amend its regulations regarding certain provisions of the H-2A program.

Senator Mitt Romney visits with Utah Farm Bureau, industry leaders on agricultural labor


Farmers and ranchers work with and harvest perishable commodities, so any delay in entry of H2-A workers can spell partial or complete crop losses.

H-2A processing timeliness falls as demand climbs


New data from the Department of Labor continues to highlight U.S. farmers’ and ranchers’ increasing reliance on the H-2A program.

Farm Bureau Welcomes Trump Immigration Reform Proposal


Nowhere is reform more critical than in the agricultural sector