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H-2A Final Rule Gives Farmers Predictability, Stability


The final H-2A rule announced this week by the Department of Labor gives farmers predictability in farm employee wages.

U.S. Dept. of Labor Issues Final Rule to Update Adverse Effect Wage Rate to Help Farmers & Ranchers


The DOL announced a final rule that updates the methodology for determining the annual Adverse Effect Wage Rates (AEWRs) in the H-2A visa program

Farm Groups Seek Additional COVID-19 Protections for Farm Workers


The American Farm Bureau Federation and other farm groups are calling on the White House to provide additional COVID-19 protection for farm workers.

Ag Groups Call for More Resources to Protect Employees, Communities from Coronavirus


Expanding the pandemic response beyond the farm gate and into farming communities will be critical to ensuring the well-being of employees, their families and their neighbors.

Coronavirus No Match for H-2A Demand


Despite the challenges of the coronavirus, farmers and ranchers continued to demand H-2A workers in record numbers

USDA Launches New Features to Help Farmers Hire Workers


The new website designed to help facilitate the employment of H-2A workers

Farm Bureau Encourages Farmers to Participate in USDA Labor Survey


The American Farm Bureau Federation is urging farmers to respond to a USDA survey about farm workers’ hours and wages.

Communicating COVID19 Farm Safety and Farm Worker Health on the Farm


Safety remains a top priority across the food chain, with everyone—from the farm to the grocery store—doing their part to take great care and precautions to get food safely to your tables.

State Department Clears the Way for Agriculture Workforce


U.S. Consular officers can now waive the visa interview requirement for eligible first-time and returning H-2A and H-2B applicants, making more workers in the H-2 program available while prioritizing public health.

Farm Bureau Highlights Immediate Challenges Facing the Agriculture Sector


American Farm Bureau has released its first assessment of the impact on farmers and ranchers in the wake of the national mitigation efforts to combat COVID-19. å