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The State: The 2020 Election and Afterwards


Farm Bureau remains focused on the mission to address the issues impacting rural Americans and those who farm or ranch, work in agriculture or the food industry and for consumers who eat and use American-grown and -raised products.

Farmers Need Permanent Fix for Estate Tax


Expiring estate tax exemption levels could threaten family farms in the future if a permanent change isn’t made by Congress.

Voting – A Priceless American Right


Like consumers who do their research before making a big purchase, voters can take steps to make informed election decisions.

The State: of Voter Turnout in 2020


By all measures, the 2020 election is on track to have the highest turnout of any election in more than a century

HAULS Act Provides Flexibility for Transporting Ag Commodities and Livestock


The HAULS Act would make three important incremental changes to the agricultural exemption to hours-of-services rules.

Farm Bureau Supports HAULS Act in Congress


A bill introduced in the Senate this week provides agricultural producers much-needed flexibility for hauling agricultural commodities and livestock.

Breaking Down CFAP 2.0


Sign-up for CFAP2 runs Sept. 21 through Dec. 11 through USDA’s Farm Service Agency county offices.

The State: of a SCOTUS Confirmation and the 2020 Election


The passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will have an immediate impact on the 2020 presidential election by adding another unique element to a campaign that is anything but ordinary.

Farmers and Ranchers Tell Candidates, ‘iFarmiVote’


The pledge demonstrates Farm Bureau members’ high level of civic engagement

Trump, Biden Outline Agricultural Priorities


For the past 40 years, Farm Bureau has asked every presidential candidate to provide responses to issues likely to impact and affect farmers and ranchers and rural communities in the next 4 years. Both President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden have provided their answers.