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American and Utah Farm Bureaus defend National Monuments proclamation


The American Farm Bureau Federation and Utah Farm Bureau Federation have filed court papers seeking to intervene to support the government’s defense of multiple lawsuits

Consolidation and Competition in Agribusiness Presented During USDA Outlook Forum


Consolidation and competition in agribusiness was a key topic Friday during a session at the Agriculture Department’s 94th Annual Agricultural Outlook Forum.

Farm Bureau Calls for Clarity on Exemptions for Agricultural Haulers


Farm Bureau in recent comments responded to the department’s efforts to provide clarity to the 150-air mile agricultural commodity exemption and the hours of service regulations.

Utah Farm Bureau Lists ‘Issues to Watch For in 2018’


The Utah Farm Bureau has released its list of ‘Issues to Watch For in 2018’

Make Agricultural Trade Great Again


U.S. farmers and ranchers are actively seeking to enhance access in existing foreign markets

 3 Ways We All Benefit from the Farm Bill


America’s farmers and ranchers are not the only ones that benefit from the farm bill

 USDA Under Secretary Confident Good Neighbor Relations Will Prevail in NAFTA Talks


Current North American Free Trade Agreement negotiations are a lot like a Sumo wrestling match, according to Ted McKinney

Congressional Scorecard and Voting Record Available on VOA


The web page shares the voting records of all members of Congress on issues that affect farmers, ranchers and rural communities.

DOT Releases Details on Initial 90-Day Waiver from ELDs for Agricultural Haulers


DOT has released details on the initial 90-day waiver from the requirement for agricultural and livestock haulers to obtain electronic logging devices

House Agriculture Committee Launches Farm Bill Landing Page


A landing page has been designed to provide updates and information related to the 2018 farm bill