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Taxes are a Certainty; Farming and Ranching is a World of Uncertainty


Congress is starting to get serious about tax reform.

Poll: Tax Reform Needed for Farmers and America


A commanding majority of American voters support tax reform

Massachusetts Farm Bureau Helps Towns Write Ag-friendlier Regulations


Interest in local agriculture has inspired many homeowners to keep backyard chickens, goats and other livestock in residential areas where neighbors are far more comfortable with dogs and cats.

Policy Analysis Versus Policy Development


Each year the organization’s delegate body of farmer and rancher members deliberates and responds to challenges facing agriculture.

Dairy Farmers Invited to Take Online Survey on Risk Management Tools


Dairy farmers are invited to take an online related to Federal Crop Insurance Corporation for a new dairy insurance policy

Farm Bureau Urges Support for H.R. 2170, the Flood and Agriculture Risk Management Cost Reduction Act of 2017


Reduces the cost and regulatory burden of building, maintaining and insuring agricultural structures in regulatory floodplains

AFBF Shares Farm Bill Needs with Congress


Given the state of the farm economy, protecting farm bill spending and maintaining the farm safety net is critical in the next farm bill

Farm Bureau Members Urged to Voice Support for WOTUS Repeal


Farm Bureau members are encouraged to submit comments in support of repeal of the 2015 Waters of the U.S. rule.

New Legislation Would Delay Logging Device Requirements for Drivers


A recently introduced bill would provide a much-needed delay to the problematic electronic logging device mandate for certain drivers, which is set to go into effect in December

No `Recess` for Ag in August: It’s Time to Work to Influence


As you make your August plans, include time to meet with your members of Congress. They are looking to meet you.