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Utah farmers & ranchers talking industrial hemp, suicide prevention, and other issues at 2019 Utah Farm Bureau convention


Utah Farm Bureau will address critical public policy topics, including public lands issues such as grazing policies, the current sales tax restructuring debate, trade, water development and distribution, industrial hemp, agritourism, and more.

Upcoming Meetings & Dates


This is a summary of upcoming meetings involving Utah Farm Bureau members and staff.

It's Policy Planting Season


Everything we do here in Washington comes from your direction at the county and state levels.

Tax Exemption from Water


Should Utah change its policy and tax water? No.

UPDATE Water Banking Draft Legislation


An update on the draft Water Banking Legislation

Brand inspection fee changes coming July 1


In an effort to align brand program management costs and revenues from brand fees, the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF) is announcing changes to some of the fees and structure that were proposed by the Utah Livestock Brand Board and passed at the 2019 Legislative Session.

Utah Legislature May 2019 Interim Session


The Utah Legislature Interim Committees study key issues facing the state, hear public comment and recommend legislation for the upcoming session.

Draft Water Banking Legislation Gearing Up for 2020 Utah Legislative Session


Water banking is the practice of forgoing water deliveries during certain periods, and “banking” either the right to use the forgone water in the future, or saving it for someone else to use in exchange for a fee.

School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration Grazing Fees on the Rise


Utah’s School and Institutional Trust Lands Association (SITLA) Board of Trustees voted to increase the livestock grazing fees for both scattered and block sections.

Federal to State Transfer of Public Lands


Western states should take the necessary action to require the federal government to transfer select federal lands to state control