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American trading partners retaliate with tariffs


Some of America’s biggest trading partners are retaliating against the Trump Administration’s aluminum and steel tariffs with tariffs of their own.

Farm Bill Ready for Conference


Congressional lawmakers are expected to soon head to conference to iron out the differences between the House and Senate legislation

Legislation Would Provide Ag Haulers Some Relief


Recently introduced bills address some of the unique challenges of transporting agricultural products and livestock.

After House Passes Farm Bill, Attention Turns to Senate


Farmers and ranchers are looking forward to Senate action on its version of the farm bill.

Agriculture Continues Pressing for Immigration Reform


It’s past time for Congress to get the immigration system overhauled

House Farm Bill Passage a Win for Farmers


By approving the 2018 Farm Bill, members of the House recognized the serious economic challenges facing farmers and ranchers across the country.

Tools to Help U.S. Agriculture Stay Competitive


It’s never easy to pass, not due to partisan politics generally, but rather as a result of where Americans call home.

America Needs a Farm Bill Now


The farm bill is vitally important legislation affecting this enormous, valuable resource and its rural population.

Agriculture pressing for immigration reform


Agriculture is pressing lawmakers to fix the nation’s immigration system as producers struggle to find enough labor.

LA Times Farm Bill Column Ignores Risks Farmers and Ranchers Face


A Los Angeles Times column on the farm bill that ran earlier this week relied heavily on the anti-progress agenda of those who oppose nearly every aspect of our nation’s modern food system.