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Transportation: Road Usage Charging


Meeting current and long-term transportation funding needs

Rural Broadband is Key to Support Modern Farm Technologies


Access to quality rural broadband is critical to support modern farm technologies is a priority for Farm Bureau

Water: Local Water Basin Councils


Finding the best balance between water used for agriculture and related ecosystem services and water demands for other uses is Utah's key water policy issue.

Utah’s Legislative Session in Review


There was no shortage of issues during the 2018 legislative session, and the Utah Farm Bureau was there to represent our members on issues critical to the continued success of agriculture in Utah.

Bumpy Ride for U.S. Agriculture


If U.S. agricultural exports go down, the pain will be felt by shippers, food manufacturers and thousands of employees who work in those sectors.

RFD-TV Live Interview: AFBF’s Pat Wolff on the Need for a Farm Tax Fix


Farm Bureau recently discussed the need for congressional leaders to swiftly fix recent tax legislation.

Agriculture Topics Advance in NAFTA Talks


The recent round of North American Free Trade Agreement negotiations saw progress on agriculture issues

American and Utah Farm Bureaus defend National Monuments proclamation


The American Farm Bureau Federation and Utah Farm Bureau Federation have filed court papers seeking to intervene to support the government’s defense of multiple lawsuits

Consolidation and Competition in Agribusiness Presented During USDA Outlook Forum


Consolidation and competition in agribusiness was a key topic Friday during a session at the Agriculture Department’s 94th Annual Agricultural Outlook Forum.

Farm Bureau Calls for Clarity on Exemptions for Agricultural Haulers


Farm Bureau in recent comments responded to the department’s efforts to provide clarity to the 150-air mile agricultural commodity exemption and the hours of service regulations.