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Farm Bureau members to address critical issues at 2017 Annual Convention


Farm Bureau members invited to celebrate the ‘Miracle of Agriculture’ at 2017 Annual Convention in Layton

Farm Bureau: E-Retailers Dodge Taxes, Rural Communities Languish


Farm Bureau has asked the Supreme Court to take up a case that could do away with internet retailers’ ongoing refusal to collect sales taxes

H-2A Program Use Continues to Rise


New data released by the Labor Department reveals that the demand for labor is stronger than ever.

Proposed Changes to Fluid Milk Pricing


A new proposal to change the way the Agriculture Department regulates fluid milk markets could potentially alleviate many of these risk management concerns.

Ag Community Relief Raising Funds for Barbed Wire Fencing for Montana


With millions of acres burned, Ag Community Relief has established the "Western Wire Roundup" in effort to help western ranchers rebuild.

Farmers Squashed by Labor Shortage


Without access to an adequate and stable workforce, many farmers are being forced to leave fresh produce to rot in the fields.

Utah Farm Bureau and Utah Labor Commission Partner for Farm Safety


Utah Farm Bureau's A.J. Ferguson was featured on RFD-TV talking about the need for farmer safety, and what the Utah Farm Bureau is doing in partnership with the Utah Labor Commission to reduce fatalities and injuries related to agriculture.

Farm Bureau Submits Regulatory Reform Priorities


Overregulation by federal agencies is burdensome to all of agriculture.

Americans Pay the Least for Food


U.S. consumers spend just 10 percent of their disposable income on food each year, while those in other countries spend much more.

Farmers Again Reaching out to Community on KSL's Studio 5 program


KSl Studio 5 segment with Sara Harward