Ag in the Classroom Articles




Toward Better Food Plants: The Promise of Gene Editing


Traditional plant breeding can achieve a desired result, but the process may take many years of trial and error to complete and nurture unwelcome traits.

Taking Care of the Ranch and the Rancher


March is Women’s History Month and the Utah Farm Bureau Federation & American Farm Bureau are taking the time to highlight women in agriculture.

How do Weather and Drought Impact Ag?


The Foundation for Agriculture recently partnered with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to create a free curriculum on how weather and drought impact agriculture

What’s Wrong with Old MacDonald?


Too often, like old MacDonald, children’s books are full of antiquated farming practices and stereotypes of rural life.

Improving Nutrition in the Developing World


Hunger and undernourishment are an unfortunate reality for approximately 795 million people around the world

5 Farmers to Thank on Thanksgiving


While many are already looking forward to the Christmas holidays, don’t overlook Thanksgiving and the occasion it provides to reflect on our lives and the much we have been given.

 It’s Apple Crunch Time in Utah


Utah schools, early care sites, hospitals, colleges, community organizations, businesses and more will be celebrating National Farm to School Month and National School Lunch Week by crunching into Utah-grown apples.

The perfect time to go to a Farmers Market


Now is a great time to visit farmers markets throughout Utah, with many fruits and vegetables at their peak for freshness and flavor

Three New Books, Two New Videos, One Important Topic: Careers in Ag


The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture has released three new books and two new videos to complement its updated My American Farm game

BERRY Surprising Facts


While we often refer to strawberries, raspberries and blackberries as berries, they are actually aggregate fruits.