Ag in the Classroom Articles




Springtime on the Farm


Spring on a farm is a time of hope and optimism as farmers plan and prepare for a new crop.

Food Waste Hack for Apartment Dwellers


How do you successfully compost in an apartment with no access to land or garden? The answer is a bit unconventional and may cause a slightly negative reaction, but hear me out – WORMS.

American Farm Bureau Federation Helps Launch ‘No Taste for Waste’ Campaign


The “No Taste for Waste” campaign features an interactive website, special edition “bookazine” and social media resources for consumers interested in reducing household food waste

Utah Farm Bureau publishes 100-year illustrated history


Copies of the hardcover book are available for purchase online for $25

What do fruit farmers do in the winter?


A short video produced by the Utah Farm Bureau highlighting pruning work in the winter

Feeding Minds Press Looking for Ideas for Book Manuscripts


Open Submissions for Feeding Minds Press

Happy National Agriculture Day!


Today mark the 45th anniversary of National Ag Day

How Will Agriculture Feed the World? It Starts Today


The reality remains that agriculture lies outside many of the young minds that will make up the future of this nation

The Future of Agriculture, Happening Today


Innovation and technology: Common words in today’s world - applied to many things and many industries, but these words are much bigger than just some thing or some device or some solution.

Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture: 50 Years and Growing


In the beginning the Foundation focused primarily on research for advancing agricultural mechanization and technology