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U.S. Dairy and NAFTA


The NAFTA agreement series continues our focus on commodities with a look at trade in dairy and dairy products.

What’s a Millennial in the Produce Aisle to Do?


"Whether it's conventional or organic, I trust the quality of American grown produce."

‘Our Food Link’ Grants Help Farmers and Ranchers Connect with Consumers


Five Farm Bureaus were selected from a competitive pool of applicants to each receive a $500 grant from the American Farm Bureau Women’s Leadership Program to help fund “Our Food Link” projects.

Four Ways to be a Farm Bureau Challenge Super Hero to the Judges


Even with a diversity of business ideas, common threads have emerged as judges discussed things they like and didn’t like about Farm Bureau Challenge applications over the past few years.

China Offers Market Potential for U.S. Beef


The American Farm Bureau Federation says the reopening of China to U.S. beef provides great market potential for U.S. agriculture.

An Offal Lot of Potential


Mexico and Japan are the top two destinations for offal. The U.S. ships almost all offal produced overseas.

Bloomberg: Trump’s Cuba Moves May Chill Long-Sought U.S. Farm Export Push


Cooling in trade relations with Cuba could result in the nation purchasing agricultural goods elsewhere.

Farm Bureau Praises USDA's Perdue for Dialogue with Ag Neighbors


Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue will host Canadian Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay and Mexican Secretary of Agriculture José Calzada Rovirosa in Savannah, Georgia, for a trilateral meeting as well as other joint events.

Federal and State Agencies Asking for Help in Preventing Wildfires


Here are some general safety tips that can help prevent wildfire, keep families safe, protect resources, and not put fire fighters lives at unnecessary risk.

Wall Street Journal: Ultrafiltered Milk Sparks a U.S.-Canada Trade Battle


American Farm Bureau Federation’s John Newton was quoted in a Wall Street Journal article on trade relations between the U.S. and Canada.