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Taxes are a Certainty; Farming and Ranching is a World of Uncertainty


Congress is starting to get serious about tax reform.

Poll: Tax Reform Needed for Farmers and America


A commanding majority of American voters support tax reform

Massachusetts Farm Bureau Helps Towns Write Ag-friendlier Regulations


Interest in local agriculture has inspired many homeowners to keep backyard chickens, goats and other livestock in residential areas where neighbors are far more comfortable with dogs and cats.

Policy Analysis Versus Policy Development


Each year the organization’s delegate body of farmer and rancher members deliberates and responds to challenges facing agriculture.

From 4-H to Farm Bureau: A Firm Foundation for My Passion in Agriculture


4-H alumni nationwide have a story to tell and a testimony to share when it comes to how 4-H has changed their lives, shaped their personalities and opened up doors, getting them to where they are today.

Amazon Wants to be Your Online Supermarket


Someday a child may question where their food comes from

Dairy Farmers Invited to Take Online Survey on Risk Management Tools


Dairy farmers are invited to take an online related to Federal Crop Insurance Corporation for a new dairy insurance policy

Spring Flooding Undermined Farmers Efforts of Nitrogen Stewardship


The so-called “dead zone” in the Gulf of Mexico increased this year, after excessive spring flooding throughout the Mississippi River basin.

Drought Deepens, Ripples Hay Market


The Northern Plains continue to have very dry conditions.

For the Love of Labor


Finding willing hands to help plant, tend and harvest crops on America’s farmland is harder with each passing season