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Stakeholder-led local water basin councils


Developing water policy is often contentious and results in debate because of competing demands and values placed on our limited water resource.

Utah Farm Bureau names Clayton Beckstead as regional manager


The Utah Farm Bureau Federation has named Clayton Beckstead as its new northeast regional manager.

Utah companies establish meaningful connections in Mexico


27 Utah companies made connections and learned how they can successfully expand their business to Latin America

New Legislation Clarifies Affordable Care Act’s Seasonal Employment Definition


The STARS Act of 2018 provides much-needed clarification to the employer mandate’s seasonal worker exemption within the Affordable Care Act.

Farm Bill Vote a Blow to America’s Farmers and Ranchers


The risk management tools of the farm bill are too important, particularly at a time of depressed farm prices.

A Future in Agriculture


By the year 2050 the global agricultural community will have to nearly double its output to feed 9 billion people

NPR Story Explores Effectiveness of EPA Chief


The Environmental Protection Agency chief has been praised for his aggressive moves to roll back environmental regulations

Rural Broadband is Key to Support Modern Farm Technologies


Access to quality rural broadband is critical to support modern farm technologies is a priority for Farm Bureau

USDA Projects Lower U.S. Stocks, Higher Prices for Corn and Soybeans


Given the uncertainty around planting in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres, the supply and demand projections are highly uncertain.

USDA Designates Several Utah counties as Natural Disaster Areas


Farmers and ranchers in the contiguous counties of Emery, San Juan, Uintah and Wayne counties also qualify for natural disaster assistance.