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Features on farmers and ranchers in the state.




Let us ‘Dare Mighty Things’ for the future of Utah agriculture


With the continual increase in demand for local food and a limited amount of good farm and ranch land to grow that food, I believe that there is a wonderful future in Utah agriculture.

How are farm animals not freezing in winter weather?


When temperatures drop, the health and well-being of the herd are on the forefront of a rancher’s mind.

Some Decisions Don’t Matter, and Some Do


I can’t imagine the total number of decisions a person makes in their lifetime, but my guess is that the overwhelming majority of them don’t matter much.

Utah Family Bringing Farm Experiences to the National Audiences


Farmers Brett and Jenna Madsen of Chester, Utah are being featured as part of a new reality television show called The American Farm, set to premiere later in 2019 on History (formerly known as The History Channel).

What Little Red Hen Knew


Because most Americans don’t have the opportunity to see the process of how our food gets from the farm to our plates, we may lack both the understanding and appreciation for those people who do help get our food from the fields to our dinner tables.

The kindness that doesn’t always make the news


It doesn’t always make the headlines or the top news story, but there are great people and organizations doing wonderful things to help each other.

Congressman Chris Stewart visits with farmers and ranchers in Enterprise


Washington County farmer Kyle Wilson prefers participating in the public policy process and sharing his influence, rather than simply standing on the sidelines

Millard County farmer wins Utah Farm Bureau Discussion Meet


The Discussion Meet contest is designed to simulate a committee meeting where discussion and active participation are expected from each participant.

Cattle Rancher Jennie Jensen Appears on KSL Studio 5


Jennie Christensen appears on KSL to talk about beef & her family's ranch

Wasatch County ranching family wins Utah Farm Bureau Excellence in Agriculture award


The Excellence in Agriculture award is a competition that was initiated a number of years ago to recognize young farmers and ranchers involved in agriculture, but who do not necessarily derive a majority of their income from an owned production agriculture operation.