Food Articles




How Consumers Purchase Food Is Changing


Reviewing the impact of Covid-19 on expenditures for food at home and away-from-home

No Taste for Waste Guide While You Shelter-In-Home


Make this an opportunity to check your consumption, rather than ramp it up.

Corned Beef Tacos


A Corned Beef Taco Recipe to use up leftovers from St. Patrick's Day!

Infallable Pie Crust


The easiest pie crust recipe ever created.

National Pack your Lunch Day


Ideas on how to make it easier to pack your own lunch

A Tough Nut to Crack: Southern Utah’s Farmers Make Pistachios a Family Affair


With a climate similar to that of the Middle East, Washington County has become a niche market for producing one of America’s favorite snacks – pistachios.

Food Insecurity Higher in Rural Areas


Department of Agriculture data shows food insecurity is more prevalent in major cities and rural areas

Food Bloggers Share how Food Connects us all


Food connects us at a deeper level than most activities. Why is that, you ask? Because food is something we can all relate to

Grant Available for Value-Added Producers


Up to $250,000 available for small agricultural business owners.

USU adds a Little ‘Willy Wonka’ to its Campus with Chocolate Factory


No other university in the U.S. has a lab that teaches students to make chocolate from “bean-to-bar”