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USU adds a Little ‘Willy Wonka’ to its Campus with Chocolate Factory


No other university in the U.S. has a lab that teaches students to make chocolate from “bean-to-bar”

Farm Bureau Gives Back: Fighting Hunger in Local Communities


Despite progress at reducing food insecurity in recent years, work remains to be done, which is why state and county Farm Bureaus across the nation continue to fight hunger in local communities

Eating and Holidays Go Hand-In-Hand


Every culture has different celebratory dishes related to religion, harvests or other significances. Here are just a few:

Easily Feed The Family With This New Member Benefit


Farm Bureau Members save on InstaFreeze Meals.

How to Make  Wedding Cake


How to Make wedding Cake

5 Farmers to Thank on Thanksgiving


While many are already looking forward to the Christmas holidays, don’t overlook Thanksgiving and the occasion it provides to reflect on our lives and the much we have been given.

Utah Apple Growers


Find a Utah apple grower.

15 Scary Food Myths


Knowing the truth can debunk scary food myths.

Celebrating Pasta! See how Utah wheat becomes spaghetti


Farmers and state lawmakers all saw how food comes from the farm to a product they can find on the shelves at their local grocery store – producing something like spaghetti to help feed the world.

Plant Scientists Build on Wheat Research with $1.9 Million NIFA Grant


The primary goals of recent research are to investigate the effects of compost on water efficiency, soil, and yield and to test new intercropping strategies on organic dryland wheat