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Fanning the flames of success in Utah’s agriculture and food scene


Let’s all do our part to fan the flames of success and quickly douse fears and uncertainty

China Trade Standstill More Bad News for Farmers


In the last 18 months alone, farm and ranch families have dealt with plunging commodity prices, awful weather and tariffs higher than we have seen in decades.

USU Extension Gathers Research on Agritourism


Utah State University Extension has developed a survey to gather research on the needs of agritourism organizations

How Milk Is Really Priced in the U.S.


This complex government framework of determining regulated milk prices that ultimately set the benchmark value of milk at the farm-level begins with price discovery in Chicago. Milk price discovery is not broken, but it can be improved

Reminder for applicants to Utah Leopold Conservation Award


Applications for the Utah Award, which includes a $10,000 award and a Crystal statue, needs to be postmarked by August 5, 2019

Rural Broadband Will Boost Economy, Improve Sustainability and Animal Welfare, Too, Farm Bureau Tells Congress


While most Americans take broadband for granted, 26.4% of rural Americans lack access to broadband

Ground Truthing USDA’s June Acreage Report


USDA currently projects corn acres at 91.7 million acres, up 3% from prior-year levels, and soybean acres at 80 million acres, down 10% from 2018.

New Bill Would Improve Broadband Maps


With limited funding and an overabundance of need, it is critical for federal programs to use accurate broadband maps to target and distribute its funding,

Farm Bureau weighs in on opportunities with increased Broadband Access


Farmers and ranchers depend on broadband just as they do highways, railways and waterways to ship food, fuel and fiber across the country and around the world.

Managing Piute Ground Squirrels in Cropland


The reduction in alfalfa and other crop yields and the cost of controlling Piute ground squirrels to farmers in western Utah exceeds hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.