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Ag and Food Industry Opportunities Continue to Accelerate


In food, consumers seek personalized experiences that involve their health, diet, mind, emotions, digestion and appearance.

Back to School, Already?


There is a national holiday for just about everything; however, agriculture often gets highlighted in great detail. “Why?” you might ask. Because agriculture touches every aspect of our lives, not just the food we eat.

Farmers and Ranchers: Connecting with the Community


With long and inconsistent hours, it’s not always easy to stay involved in your local community.

USU Extension Gathers Research on Agritourism


Utah State University Extension has developed a survey to gather research on the needs of agritourism organizations

Farmers Market Etiquette


Etiquette for shopping at farmers markets.

What They Don't Tell Moms About RoundUp


My interview with Swiss scientist, Iida Ruishalme, about the popular and controversial herbicide.

Women’s Communications Boot Camp Fall Session Application Now Open


Farm Bureau women interesting in improving their media and advocacy skills are encouraged to apply for the Women's Communications Boot Camp in Washington, D.C.

Who Would Want To Be A Farmer?


Why should children dream of being farmers?

Dairy Delight: Travelers Find New Farm-inspired Food Stop Southern Utah


The experience aspect of the ‘Creamery’ store aims to connect with consumers in a new way