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I’m Not a Farmer But… Actor and restaurant owners share their love of food


Utah Farm and Fork caught up with actor Ty Burrell and his wife Holly to talk about their memories of food and how it connects us all.

UDAF Gives Guidance on Unsolicited Seed Packages


The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF) are working to assist Utahns who are receiving unsolicited packages from outside of the United States of America, containing plant seeds.

Four Months Out: What Happened to our Food System and Why?


Let's take the time to explain a bit about how our food system was impacted by COVID-19 and why

An Open Letter to Consumers About Milk


Dairy industry representatives, including Farm Bureau, have been very vocal about asking stores to remove dairy product limits because the supply chain backlog is a temporary challenge.

Farmers and ranchers Working to Make Every Day ‘Earth Day’


No matter the scale, location, or type of agriculture they’re involved with, Utahns can rest assured that local farmers and ranchers are committed to the wise use of natural resources.

Agriculture’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks


The report identifies agriculture’s and other economic sectors’ contributions to greenhouse gas emissions for 2018 and earlier years.

Farm Families Worry About Coronavirus’ Lasting Impact


Generations have done their best to keep their business going, yet many feel like they have no control over whether they can recover from these losses

Oakdell Eggs: An Incredible, Edible Family Tradition


Green thumbs get excited about the prospect of new adventures in the yard and many families celebrate the Christian holiday of Easter. Closely associated with Easter are family traditions involving eggs.

Utah County Farmer Selected as 2020 Agriculture Advocate of the Year


Utah County Farm Bureau's Sara Harward was selected by the National Agriculture in the Classroom Organization (NAITCO) and National Grange as its Advocate of the Year.

From Wheat to Flour--A Kitchen Staple


Utah grain farmers provide the wheat