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Looking for Bright Ideas for Ag Promotion?


Looking for new ways to engage with consumers?

Farm Bureau Recognizes Women’s Communications Boot Camp Graduates


The intensive four-day course comprised hands-on sessions related to public speaking, working with the media and messaging.

Celebrating a Century of the American Farm Bureau


Founded in November 1919, the American Farm Bureau Federation has given all farmers and ranchers a voice in our nation’s capital.

Easy Ways to Support Utah FFA Students


Here are two new ways to support Utah's FFA Students and their chapters.

It's Policy Planting Season


Everything we do here in Washington comes from your direction at the county and state levels.

Apply for County Activities of Excellence Awards Today


Counties will display their winning activities at the AFBF Annual Convention and Trade Show in January in Austin, Texas.

Mark Your Calendar for National Read a Book Day (Sept. 6)


National Read a Book Day is Friday, Sept. 6

The Long Road to the White House


There will be many ups and downs for every campaign, daily polling and a lot of punditry.

Fanning the flames of success in Utah’s agriculture and food scene


Let’s all do our part to fan the flames of success and quickly douse fears and uncertainty

Farmers and Ranchers: Connecting with the Community


With long and inconsistent hours, it’s not always easy to stay involved in your local community.