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As Processing Facilities Struggle with Labor, Spread Between the Wholesale Price of Meat and Livestock Prices Widens


The global pandemic has injected never-before-seen uncertainty into the animal protein markets.

Farm Bureau Urges Close Examination of Livestock Markets


Extreme volatility in livestock markets is raising red flags across the country

Social Distancing and Bull Buying During the Covid-19 Situation


Due to the social distancing mandates, many on site bull sales have been cancelled or modified to be strictly internet based auctions. While not ideal, this process still provides tools and information to continue to make genetic progress forr beef herds

Coronavirus Sends Crop and Livestock Prices into a Tailspin


The economic uncertainty related to the impact of COVID-19 on the global economy and the demand destruction for many agricultural products contributed to significant price declines for ethanol, crops and animal proteins. While these commodity futures have declined significantly, one thing is certain, these futures prices are going to change

Helping Everyone in Agriculture


The sooner we have a timeline for getting this new assistance out, the better.

Pandemic Injects Volatility into Cattle and Beef Markets


A slowing economy is bad for all of the animal proteins, but beef stands to suffer the most when consumers spend less in response to wage cuts and job losses.

Record Production, Higher Prices Anticipated for Most Livestock


The Agriculture Department is expecting record production in nearly all livestock categories in 2020

North American Meat Institute (NAMI) makes forecasts on consumer trends


North American Meat Institute (NAMI) President and CEO Julie Anna Potts recently spoke to the amassed members of the National Western Stock Show’s Red Meat Club, about the future that she sees for meat in this country.

Early Registration Deadline Approaching for Bird Damage Management Conference


Researchers estimate that blackbirds, starlings, corvids and vultures cause billions of dollars in damage to agriculture commodities and livestock facilities

BLM takes steps to improve administration of grazing regulations on public lands


Public scoping meetings scheduled on proposals covering nearly 18,000 permits, leases on 155 million acres