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Second Round of Trade Assistance Coming Soon


$6.8 Billion Support Provided As Of Nov. 12

Farmers and Ranchers Need USMCA


Approving USMCA would be a win for Congress and, more importantly, a win for American agriculture

Farmers and Ranchers Celebrate Japanese Trade Deal, Look Forward to More


This agreement means sharply lower tariffs on our farm and ranch exports with the promise of more to come.

A Tale of Two Economies


A review of U.S. and Chinese Manufacturing Indicies

Farmers Commend Agreement on Japanese Trade Deal


Under the agreement, Japan will place the same level of agricultural tariffs on U.S. goods as it places on CPTPP countries and the EU.

Farm Bureau: Focus on Trade Negotiations


Farmers and ranchers are grateful for mitigation payments, but let’s be clear: those payments do not make them whole

Farmers Want End to Trade War, Duvall Tells Fox Business Network


Farmers are anxious for a resolution to the trade situation with China

U.S. and Japan reach agreement in principle on ag trade


The USDA announced over the weekend that the United States and Japan have agreed in principle to lower Japanese tariffs on U.S. agricultural goods

China Trade Standstill More Bad News for Farmers


In the last 18 months alone, farm and ranch families have dealt with plunging commodity prices, awful weather and tariffs higher than we have seen in decades.

USDA Announces Details Behind the New Trade Aid Package


On Thursday, USDA released the latest details on its actions to offer farmers reprieve from ongoing trade disputes.