COVID-19 Articles




USDA Announces More Eligible Commodities for CFAP


Application Deadline Extended to Sept. 11, and Producers Who Have Approved Applications to Receive Final Payments

Ag Expo to be Largest Ag Conference in Utah


The Utah Farm Bureau is excited to announce the newly named Utah Ag Expo, the largest agricultural conference in Utah, will be held in St. George, Utah on January 27-30, 2021.

Four Months Out: What Happened to our Food System and Why?


Let's take the time to explain a bit about how our food system was impacted by COVID-19 and why

COVID-19 is Nothing to Sneeze At


Let’s all commit to being more accepting, courageous and wise as we deal with the pandemic and other challenges we may face in our own businesses, lives and communities.

Additional Commodities Eligible for Coronavirus Food Assistance Program


USDA recently announced an initial list of additional commodities that have been added to the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CF

Farmers Feeding Utah Makes Third Delivery of Food to Needy Families & Refugee Groups in West Salt Lake Valley


Farmers Feeding Utah made its third miracle project to provide relief to farmers and families

Beef and Pork Supply Chain Recovering


As we move into the fall, we will likely see higher fed and feeder cattle prices as the incredibly light placements from this spring become slaughter ready.

Farmers Urge Congress to Pass Small Business Expense Protection Act


Without this relief, millions of small businesses will face significant tax liabilities at a time when they can least afford additional financial burdens

Utah Farm Bureau's 'Farmers Feeding Utah' Campaign Featured on KSL Radio


President Ron Gibson was a guest on KSL radio talking about the third 'Miracle Project' by Farmers Feeding Utah, helping families along the Salt Lake Valley's west side

USDA Approves Program to Feed Kids in Utah


Pandemic EBT to Feed Children during COVID-19 National Emergency