Food Articles




Finding Freedom in Food Choices


Our safe and abundant food supply is one of those freedoms that many others in less fortunate countries do not have the privilege of enjoying. For us, it is everyday life.

Small Farm, Big Dreams for Southern Utah Farmer


While growing food has ups and downs unique from any other industry, Wilson just adapts as his family has for generations

Tamales –Flavor and Tradition Packed in a Simple Dish


As early as the 1870’s tamale carts were a prevalent feature of Los Angeles’ streets.

Allred Orchards – Living to Farm, Farming to Live


While the fruit grown by the Allred family has a reputation for being top quality, the lessons learned from experience on the farm may be its true lasting legacy.

Make Time for Family Meal Time – It’s Worth the Effort


September if National Family Meal Month, and a great way to introduce new ways to find success at mealtimes

It’s Not Too Late to Plant a Garden


If you haven’t planted a garden yet, you can still reap the many benefits of home gardening!

I’m Not a Farmer But… Actor and restaurant owners share their love of food


Utah Farm and Fork caught up with actor Ty Burrell and his wife Holly to talk about their memories of food and how it connects us all.

Farmers Feeding Utah Makes Third Delivery of Food to Needy Families & Refugee Groups in West Salt Lake Valley


Farmers Feeding Utah made its third miracle project to provide relief to farmers and families

USDA Approves Program to Feed Kids in Utah


Pandemic EBT to Feed Children during COVID-19 National Emergency

Farmers Feeding Utah Makes Second Delivery of Food to Food Pantries, Needy Families in Northern Utah


More than 550 families received direct food donations in Logan, and more than $100,000 worth of food was provided to food pantries in Box Elder, Cache, and Rich Counties.