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Fork-to-Farm: How Shifting Behaviors Impact Farmers


The best thing farmers can do is truly listen to what consumers are saying – not so we can identify where consumers need education

Finding Freedom in Food Choices


Our safe and abundant food supply is one of those freedoms that many others in less fortunate countries do not have the privilege of enjoying. For us, it is everyday life.

I’m Not a Farmer But… New York Times best-selling author shares his love of food and wild imagination


Utah Farm and Fork caught up with Brandon Mull, #1 New York Times best-selling author to talk about his memories of food and how it’s connected to memories of his childhood and even ends up in his stories.

Agritourism Offers New Opportunities for Young Farmers


Incorporating agritourism into a farm or ranch offers numerous benefits, but it’s best to start this new aspect of your business gradually.

Prevent Your Carved Creation from Becoming a Fungal Fiasco


See how to keep your pumpkin from becoming a mushy mess after carving

Small Farm, Big Dreams for Southern Utah Farmer


While growing food has ups and downs unique from any other industry, Wilson just adapts as his family has for generations

COVID-19 Continues to Drive the Evolution of the Retail Food Landscape


The dramatic shift to online food purchasing by consumers has the been the biggest growth-driver during the pandemic

New MacDonald Flies a Drone


Farming has come a long way since the days of Old MacDonald and his pitchfork

I’m Not a Farmer But… Actor and restaurant owners share their love of food


Utah Farm and Fork caught up with actor Ty Burrell and his wife Holly to talk about their memories of food and how it connects us all.

UDAF Gives Guidance on Unsolicited Seed Packages


The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF) are working to assist Utahns who are receiving unsolicited packages from outside of the United States of America, containing plant seeds.