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Federal Spending Bill Repeals HIT, Extends Key Tax Provisions


Legislation to fund the U.S. government in 2020 included several tax provisions important to farmers and ranchers.

Tax Exemption from Water


Should Utah change its policy and tax water? No.

Farm Bureau Alerts Senate Task Forces to Farmers’ Tax Extender Priorities


Farm Bureau is calling for long-term certainty on tax incentives related to renewable fuel and energy and railroad track maintenance

Ways and Means Bill Extends Key Tax Credits, But Prematurely Lowers Estate Tax Exemption


Though farmers and ranchers support those provisions, they are adamantly opposed to one that would prematurely end the $11 million per person estate tax exemption three years early

Utah's Tax Restructuring


Due to Utah’s rapidly growing population and shifting demographics, there are increasing demands on the General Fund and other programs funded by sales tax.