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November Cattle on Feed Report Shows Sharp Decline in Placements, Inventory Up


The packing industry should have gotten better at managing this challenge after the crash course in the spring, but whether or not plants have to be closed is still a risk, albeit hopefully a lower one.?

BLM seeks bids for off-range corrals in the West  for excess wild horses and burros


Facilities must be located in the states of Idaho, Nevada or Utah

Your No-Rain Check


Pasture, Rangeland and Forage (PRF) is a federal crop insurance program that insures against a lack of rainfall for your grazing or haying acres and provides protection from increased feed costs due to forage losses

Beef and Pork Supply Chain Recovering


As we move into the fall, we will likely see higher fed and feeder cattle prices as the incredibly light placements from this spring become slaughter ready.

New Bills Would Help Processors Meet Demand


Congress is looking at ways to make our food system more resilient for farmers and ranchers and for consumers

Changes to Livestock Risk Protection Improve Valuable Risk Management Tool


USDA’s Risk Management Agency announced changes to the Livestock Risk Protection insurance program for swine, fed cattle and feeder cattle

Farm Bureau Calls on Lawmakers to Help Farmers Through Food System Shockwave


The widespread closures at the retail level are impacting consumer demand and purchasing patterns in ways that agriculture has never experienced

NRCS Provides Strategies for Reducing Forage Shortages


The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) in Utah has provided some strategies to implement when faced with these circumstances that can help minimize forage deficiencies, if you plan ahead.

Farmers Feeding Utah Helps Navjo Nation With First 'Miracle Project'


Launched by the Utah Farm Bureau in early May with the two-fold goal of helping sustain farmers and ranchers impacted by COVID-19 and providing food and donations to Utah families in need, Farmers Feeding Utah.

Farm Bureau Continues Fight for Fair Cattle Prices


Major upheaval in U.S. cattle markets has increased attention on the growing gap between high beef prices and low cattle prices