Utah Farm Bureau is widely respected for our policy development process. An important part of Farm Bureau’s policy development process is our Spring Issue Surfacing Meetings (SISM). The primary purpose of SISMs is for county Farm Bureau leaders to create a forum for county members and others to gather to surface local, county, state, and national issues facing agriculture. County SISMs often include a review of recent legislative accomplishments as well as legislation that was defeated, deferred, or recommended for interim study. SISMs also typically include a discussion about topics on which Farm Bureau may need to consider adding new policy or amending existing policy. County SISMs are a proven method to yield grassroots thinking, discussion, and review, all essential elements to effective policy development.  We hope that you will take time to attend your county SISM and share your thoughts and concerns with your local Farm Bureau leaders and with representatives from the Utah Farm Bureau.

View the 2024 SISM here: 

2024 SISM Packet - Updated FINAL (1).pdf