You will be AMAIZED with how many products that we use every day are made from corn!

This guessing game activity may surprise you.

Display the following items on a table:

  • Aspirin (cornstarch)
  • Batteries (cornstarch in the insulation)
  • Coca-Cola (corn syrup)
  • Crayons (corn oil)
  • Diapers (corn starch)
  • Matches (corn starch in the match head)
  • Shoelaces (corn starch for smooth tying)
  • Backing Powder (corn starch)
  • Bubble Gum (corn syrup)
  • Corn Tortillas (corn flour)
  • Crunch Berries Cereal (corn starch)
  • Pasta (doesn't contain corn)
  • Snicker candy bar (corn syrup)
  • Gel-style Deodorant (ethyl alcohol--another name for ethanol)

Ask the participants to identify which items contain corn. Reveal that all but one of the items contain corn and ask them to identify which item does not contain corn. Reveal that the only item that doesn't contain corn is the pasta.  It contains wheat flour--not corn flour.

Corn is an AMAIZING, versatile and useful crop. Ask participants if they had ever considered how many of the products they use in their daily lives are made from one crop--CORN!

Corn isn't just a food ingredient we eat, but a renewable resource used for many non-food products and for livestock feed.

You can check out the Corn Guessing Game kit from the Utah Farm Bureau state office.  Contact Susan Furner at