1. Develop a county "Program of Work" based on the goals of the State Women's 'Program of Work' and approved by the County Farm Bureau's Board of Directors. Click HERE to sample the State Women's Committee 'Program of Work.'
  2. To stimulate the interest and enthusiasm of Farm Bureau Women in the total program of the organization, including the following: "Our Food Link", Farm Field Day(s), Creative Story/Video Contests, Share a Book activities, Teacher of the Year Award, and Ag In The Classroom (AITC) fundraisers.
  3. To suggest projects and activities that will provide opportunities for County Farm Bureau Women to participate in the County Farm Bureau program and thereby develop leadership skills.
  4. To attend and encourage County Farm Bureau women to attend the Women’s Leadership Conference, Midyear Conference, and Annual Convention.
  5. Promote the high ideals and standards of the organization which include accountability, credibility, patriotism, strong homes and families, free enterprise, spiritual values and fiscal conservatism.  

If you need help or advice, please contact your district chair, and thank you for your service!