State and County Women's Committee Directory

State and County Women's Committee Directory
From Right to Left: Sara Harward, Linda Noyes, Kitty Young, Dot Jensen (Chair), Carol Guthrie (AFBF Women's Committee Member), Sherry Saylor (AFBF Women's Committee Chair), JaNae Titmus (Vice Chair), Delaney Nalder, Stacey Wangsgard, Tiffany McConkie


Directory- State Women's Committee 

Chair: Dot Jensen 435-279-0370
Vice-Chair: JaNae Titmus  435-884-6053 
District 1: Stacey Wangsgard 435-232-7527
District 2: Kitty Young 435- 336-8414 
District 3:  Delaney 801-791-2509
District 4:  Sara Harward 801-420-1630
District 5:  Tiffany McConkie 435-454-3766 
District 6:  Nancy Harris 435- 896-9587
District 7:  Linda Noyes 435-691-2575 
Program Coordinator: Julia Misiego 801-233-3010

Directory- County Chairs

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