Earlier this month, the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative sent Congress the draft Statement of Administrative Action for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. This is a necessary procedural step before the TPP implementing bill can be sent to Congress, but does not impose any specific time for submitting that legislation.

In Utah, the TPP agreement is expected to increase cash receipts and net exports by $59.6 million and $39.3 million per year respectively. It is estimated that the increased marketing opportunities for Utah’s farmers and ranchers will add nearly 300 jobs to the Utah economy. Eliminating tariffs and other trade barriers on Utah’s agricultural exports to TPP-partner countries will increase trade for a range of Utah agricultural products, including pork, beef and processed food products. Export sales make an important contribution to Utah’s farm economy, which had total cash receipts of $2.4 billion in 2014. Farm Bureau has more information on how TPP will benefit Utah agriculture.

With members of Congress visiting their home districts during the August recess, now is a critical time for farmers and ranchers to talk to lawmakers about what passing TPP means for agriculture. For resources and to take action now, visit: http://tpp.fb.org/.