4 eggs, separated

2 egg yolks

½ cup honey

2 cups heavy cream

1 pinch kosher salt


In a double boiler, off the heat, beat all 6 egg yolks briefly. Move to a burner over medium heat and whisk in the honey. Once integrated, switch to a spatula and stir for 10 minutes, or until the mixture reaches 185° F.

Remove from the heat and set the pan in a bowl of ice, stirring the honey-yolk mixture until it cools. Remove from the ice bath and set aside.

In a cold bowl, whip the cream to soft peaks. In a separate bowl, whisk the egg whites with a pinch of salt until they are just past soft peaks. Gradually fold half the honey mixture into the whites, then fold the remainder carefully into the whipped cream. In a large bowl, gently fold the two together.

Gently smooth the mousse into a serving container or 8 to 10 glasses to about three-quarters full. Cover with plastic wrap and freeze overnight or until firm.